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February 2, 2016
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Finding the Ocean of Opportunity: Think ITEX Expo 2016  

If you’re wondering “what now?” or “what’s new” to advancing your business model, you will find highly qualified answers and credible information at the newly formatted and streamlined ITEX Conference & Expo. With great care and planning, this year’s annual event touts an exhibit floor of name-brand resources, networking events and awards, and an exceptional education component hosted by the industry’s best leadership. The goal? Empowering attendees with viable and useable solutions, and work-worthy opportunities. Office imaging Dealers, Resellers, MSPs, VARs and business professionals look to ITEX to leverage what’s possible in order to compete in today’s changing marketplace. Our cover story and a complementary featured article on the annual event are “must reads!”

As always, each issue is full of multiple articles with inventive ideas, actionable strategies, and key tips shared from experts in their fields. Take the time to enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor-in-Chief


An Ocean of New Opportunities: ITEX 2016  
Waves of Change – Oceans of Opportunity. This is the vibrant theme of the 2016 National ITEX Conference & Expo. As the evolution of the office industry engages a constantly changing marketplace due to innovative technology, ITEX, once again, will pinpoint on how to aggressively capitalize on it.
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What To Do If You Are Not Achieving Your Managed IT Services Targets  
Critical Success Factors For Success Over the years we have closely observed, and actively participated in, the IT Services business. We have studied the Managed Service Provider (MSP) business model, to include standalone MSP businesses and MSP activities that are inside of the MFP dealerships.
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ECM Getting it Done for Nonprofit (with DocuWare)  
New York autism service provider, QSAC (a nonprofit), has over 1,500 employees and a budget of $55 million; it is essential to monitor complex accounting processes and allocations.
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Add Intelligence to Your Processes  
Do you know what the next big technology trend will be? After weathering changes like mobile, cloud, and big data, you may find yourself exhausted by just the topic of technology change.
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The ITEX Conference: What's New & Why You Should Attend  
The ITEX Conference has undergone several major changes this year helping to define a new, fresh, relevant and compelling event. The biggest change was foundational in nature; that is ITEX 2016 is now under the new management of InfoTrends and BLI.
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When Grown Men Cry – Cyber-attacks and How to Prevent Them  
I answered a call to hear a man panicking with, "Eric my business data - it's all lost! " Surprised, I realized it was a business client who had just fell victim to a cyber-attack.
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Sales Superstars: How to Recognize, Reward & Retain Them  
You'd think it would be easy to recognize the Sales Superstar: They're the guys and gals that sell the most, right? Not necessarily is my response to that question. OK, well then they're the guys and gals that exceed quota by the most, correct? Ah, not necessarily.
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Communication in a Global Business Model  
More and more companies are reaching to the global market place these days. It's a level playing field for all and the potential for growth on the open international market is a huge motivator for those wanting expansion.
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How to Win the Networking Cold Call  
We've all been here before. There are people whom we could benefit from getting to know, and who would benefit from knowing us. So we try to attend functions where they might attend, but often they're either not there or you don't get to make the connection.
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