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March 1, 2016
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Great March Madness  

It's March, and separate from enthusiastic sports mania, it's ITEX Expo month, where the industry comes together at the only national show in its space.  To complement the office channel event, this issue features credible content on an array of key topics including from featured industry leaders who are speakers at ITEX. Enjoy learning what's trending and how to take advantage of the latest opportunities this year.

Our special cover story relays new information on MPS Gap Analysis (also presented at ITEX) which is right on target for business owners and executives to "dig in and identify key areas for MPS program improvement...via Gap analysis, a technique that businesses use to determine what steps need to be taken in order to move from current state to a desired future state.” That said look to digest all that's available in this issue. As always, enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor-in-Chief

Mission 2016: Gap Analysis for MPS  
I recently met with a group of leading independent dealers to discuss Managed Print Services and facilitate a conversation on how dealers can get more from their current programs. Those conversations led me to better help equip our customers to address key areas of MPS to be more successful in 2016.
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Wide Format Printing, the New Frontier  
If you're attending the upcoming ITEX Conference & Expo in March ( a "must see" session "Wide Format Printing the New Frontier: Print Business Expansion from Office to Industrial Solutions" on March 8 is not to be missed.
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MSPs and the Necessity of Real Digital Leadership  
In any business, employees are both the biggest expense and the most valuable resource, thus a company's greatest asset is its people. Never is this truer than in the Managed Services business.
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The Cloud Revolution in ECM  
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has experienced a steady but yet limited adaption over the last 25 years. The current adaption levels for document management vary depending on the market segment, but overall, have not reached mainstream status.
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The Commandments for Successful Business Presentations  
In the Mel Brooks comedy History of the World-Part I, Moses (Brooks) comes down from the top of Mount Sinai carrying three very heavy stone tablets. "Oh hear me! It has been given me unto you these 15"…crash! …"uh, 10 commandments!"
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FOCUS TO: Transform Your Business With HP Managed Print Services  
Managed Print Services (MPS) are changing the way businesses think about their printing needs. Customers and vendors alike are realizing the benefits of MPS. Analysts say the medium-size customer segment remains a largely untapped opportunity for vendors and MPS providers and is a "sweet spot" for increasing revenue.
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Your Managed Print Services Association  
While managed print services (MPS) has been around for a while – a decade, if not longer, depending on whom you talk to – a common understanding, language, and community for independent discussion was lacking.
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The Solutions You Use and How They Impact the Solutions You Deliver  
The title of this article indicates an important topic to be delivered at the 2016 ITEX Expo. Why is this session important? Because The Future of Your MPS Practice Could Depend Upon It.
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Hire with Your Head  
Are you hiring with your head or your gut? When it comes to hiring salespeople, the majority of bad or mistaken hires are caused by hiring with the gut rather than the head. Why is this? Let's look at a few misconceptions, and how they can ruin the hiring process:
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Measure and Manage Your Digital Marketing Strategies  
When it comes to marketing there is a golden rule to live by: Never implement what you can't measure. While in a perfect world this rule would remain true 100% of the time, but there are certain metrics that are very hard, if not impossible to measure, such as brand awareness, which we touch on below.
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