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May 31, 2016
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Put it in Context  

Identifying change is one thing; understanding it and finding ways to capitalize on it is another. Our June issue addresses lots of “change agents” in multiple areas; from major OEMs making strategic changes to their businesses for good reasons to what our cover story’s author sees as new “initiatives being positive for channel partners and end customers” as well as adding that some conversations of fear and doom surrounding these initiatives “lacks context.” Read the fascinating reasoning that’s based on current and credible research from InfoTrends.

In addition, note good opportunities, how-to steps and actionable strategies found in articles on MPS and the IoT, evolving your Managed Services program, tackling 5 print team experiences, the differences of “good and bad” aftermarket pirates, protecting your customers’ network, among other topics. As usual, enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor-in-Chief


OEMs' Strategic Initiatives in Context  
In the past several months, we have seen HP, Xerox, Sharp, and Lexmark all making major strategic changes to their businesses. While these moves and the reasons behind them vary based on the manufacturer in question, I generally see these as initiatives as being positive for channel partners and end customers.
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Food & Beverage Organization Assesses Merger & Acquisition Activity Implications on IT Spend  
In order for a food and beverage organization to accurately assess their IT spend due to recent company changes, Gartner Consulting conducted the following for a successful result:
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The Award Winning Dealership TGI Office Automation  
As the recipient of imageSource Magazine's 2016 Perfect Image Award for Outstanding Leadership in Business Transformation, awarded at this year's ITEX 2016 event, TGI Office Automation is a dealership to be reckoned with.
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I love sales management. Until I started my own business, sales management was my favorite job. Unlike some sales authors, I have real respect for sales managers. But – let's be honest. Sometimes you can get a bit stale in the job. I've been there, too. So, if your sales department is in a bit of a funk (or even if it isn't), how can you give your team a shot in the arm?
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Focus On: LMI Solutions  
LMI Solutions is an award winning R2 certified remanufacturer and value-added distributor that helps over 5000 imaging dealers, Managed Print providers, and service providers improve their business and build profitable recurring revenues with a "one stop" source for products, services and infrastructure.
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What's in a Name? Pirates Good and Bad  
Arrrrgh. For more than 25 years, the Office Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and the "pirates," sorry, "aftermarket" segments of our imaging industry, were clearly defined and separated. The OEM's were the captains of their vessels and knew where they were headed for the biggest return on their investment.
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Evolving Your Managed Services Program – "How do we get from here to there?"  
The Managed Services business has matured and the success factors are well defined. Many aspects of the business line up with the core competencies of the traditional office equipment industry such as the understanding of an annuity-based business model, the selling of a monthly payment for products and services, and delivering superior on-site service when necessary.
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Protecting Your Client's Business Systems  
In business today, keeping operations up and running at full capacity is critical to business profitability. To keep up with demand, businesses today rely on a wide variety of equipment such as computers, printers, scanners and telecommunications solutions for a vast majority of daily tasks.
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Finding Your Purpose in the Print Industry  
To achieve success in the print industry, and any industry for that matter, it requires a lot of energy and dedication to the job. As a result, we often find ourselves buried in the weeds of our day to day task working toward company goals and our personal goals within it.
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Managed Print Services and the Internet of Things  
Downtime, in just about every scenario, is a disaster for all businesses. In particular, unplanned downtime—something Harel Kodesh, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at GE, refers to as the "bane of...each industry"— that hampers profits.
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5 Troubleshoot Steps on Service Solutions  
We are so reliant on technology these days, from hardware to software, mobile device to workspace, and the many types of applications supporting " a service." Many of our daily work actions are interdependent on SaaS solutions like Salesforce, Workday, Office365 and WebEx.
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