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November 2, 2015
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Integrating Sustainability  

Drivers of the Green Movement abound. Regardless of sector or market globally, the demand for sustainable products and services is on the rise, as eco-conscience thinkers and today’s consumers embrace earth-friendly products to complement their lives and business while lessening the detrimental impact to the environment. This holds true for those in the office technology channel, be it from customers, vendors and OEMs whose eco-social conscience or corporate culture has evolved to manufacturing, selling and delivering “green products and services.” Our November cover story explains not only how this has happened but why it is important to actually integrate sustainability into your offering, not just market a supportive message.  You need to implement a green program today or soon be left behind.

In addition, our featured articles spotlight how business ink is becoming a game changer in printing, how document management hangs on a cloud, and how professional sales can be taken to a new level, among other good topics. As usual, enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor-in-Chief


The Green Movement: From Marketing to Integration  
The Green Movement, for purposes of this article, indicates a rise in awareness, implementable actions, a change in marketing - with the integration of sustainability in today's products and services.
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The Printer Giveth & the Printer Taketh Away  
The comma was invented by Aldo Manuzio, a printer working in Venice, circa 1500 to prevent confusion in the translation and printing of Greek classics. It is no coincidence that the serial comma (also known as the Oxford comma) has been identified since 1905 when it appeared in the style guide
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Are You Spending Your Management Time or Investing It?  
The word "investment" and the closely related word "spend" really do have heavy bearing in the world of sales management. According to Webster's, 'invest' means to "expend money with the expectation of realizing a profit
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Focus On: International Laser Group (ILG)  
ILG (International Laser Group) first opened its doors in 1988 in Woodland Hills, California, as a supplier of remanufactured toner cartridges to the imaging industry.
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Taking the Sales Management Profession to a New Level  
SALES COACHING: THE VALUE OF A CONSISTENT COACHING APPROACH Recently, while conducting a client Sales Management Training implementation discussion, one of the sales leaders in attendance asked an interesting question.
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Document Management Hangs on a Cloud  
Want more business growth? How about stable cash flow? Have you considered adding a cloud-based product or service to your product lineup?
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Mergers & Acquisitions–Key Issues in Purchase Agreements (Pt 2)  
This is the second in a series of articles about key issues for a business owner in a purchase and sale agreement when buying or selling a business. Caution: This article is not intended nor should not be construed as legal or tax advice.
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Build the Worst Sales Team Ever (or Inversely, the Best)  
Your business is expanding and you finally have the resources (and need) to create an effective sales team. It's your responsibility to develop a strategy and head up the hiring process. Of course, as a print and tech professional, this is likely far outside your comfort zone.
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Business Ink to Become a Game Changer for Office Printing  
Over the years, color inkjet printers have become an established device in U.S. households and small offices. Nevertheless, inkjet printers and all-in-ones (AIOs) have been slow to migrate to the general office environment. Inkjet devices have been viewed as too slow or too expensive for everyday office output.
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Building the Perfect IT Network  
I see this nearly every day – prospective customers who don't know how to evaluate their current Network needs, or IT vendor. Last week someone challenged me with 'How can you create the perfect network?' I smiled and said it doesn't exist. Optimal performance is a practical goal, but perfection? Not gonna happen. Let me to explain.
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How Your Dealership Compares to a Football Team  
As the fall season gets into full swing, many of us spend our Saturdays and/or Sundays watching one of America's favorite pastimes: football. Whether a college or NFL fan, most people who are into football have pretty strong desires to see "their favorite" team make it to the big playoff game, be it the Bowl Championship Series game or the Super Bowl.
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