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imageSource Magazine
July 2012 Digital Edition

Facing Change

Our July issue addresses what many resellers/dealers know firsthand; that our industry is facing change, and because of this many are in the process of transforming their business in order to thrive and maintain sustainability. Transforming a business is challenging due to our instinct to resist change or even fear it due to the complexity of how it could affect both our current and future status. Yet many are, indeed, embracing today’s challenges and excelling. Pressing forward and harnessing the innovative technologies to provide fuller services to support the demands of today’s customers requires a transformation – a different business model – yet this can bring forth a broad scope of revenue opportunities. This is the underlying theme found in articles in this issue, so read on.

In addition, learn some key differences between ECM and document management solutions, and how an award-winning dealership delivers MPS and Managed IT Services; or how finding the right consultant will help change your business, among many insightful articles to learn from. It’s all here in this issue!

imageSource June 2012 issue
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Cover Story
Organizing The Chaos of Change

by Jennie Fisher, GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation
There is no doubt our industry is facing change, and many of our dealers are transforming their businesses or have plans to transform their businesses to maintain sustainability. Transforming a business can feel chaotic. There is uncertainty, the human instinct to resist change, and the complexity of juggling present and future states.
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The Frontline
Electronic Workflow for Paperless Ambulance Billing

Electronic Workflow for Paperless Ambulance Billing Ambulance billing company, HSI, began using DocuWare’s electronic workflow to drive its business processes paperless. As a result, requests for guidance on individual claims can easily be addressed by management, transport document sets can be routed through complex workflow algorithms efficiently, and trip document sets are easily compiled; all streamlining a very comprehensive, complex flow of documents.
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Business Planning
Document Management Software vs. ECM

In the business of information management, one can naturally become lost in a sea of acronyms and technical lingo. ECM, DMS, SaaS, cloud computing, MFP, and OCR are industry terms that simply do not hold intrinsic value in everyday-speak. More often than not, such jargon confuses the very demographic IT sales seek to connect with, making for an ironic “limbo”- knowledge worker vs. sales vs. consumer. Two of the most widely used and commonly confused acronyms are Document Management System (DMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).
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Biz Briefs
An Opportunity to Sell Your Unique Value: Customer Service

by Shelly Hall, Catalytic Management
When the economy becomes your enemy in selling your products or services, selling your value becomes more important. So we train the sales staff to talk about the company’s real value to a customer or prospect. We pay marketing firms to come up with catchy value statements and then we insert them into all the company’s marketing stuff from the website to Facebook to old fashioned printed material.
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Dealer Profile
Trailblazing the MPS Industry

It takes a certain group of people to make a business extraordinary; a team who will take risks to keep ahead of the competition, stay on the cutting edge of technology, and have the patience to do what most companies would only think about doing in providing exceptional customer service. That kind of company is FlexPrint, Inc., a real trailblazer in the crowded managed print industry.
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ITEX 2012
Bulletin Board
Furnishing Efficiency

by Square 9 Softworks
A growing office furniture dealership streamlined its core business processes with SmartSearch, and is realizing overall efficiency gains of 50 percent or more Founded in 1968, Newington, Connecticut-based OFI is a growing office furniture dealership representing the Herman Miller line. The company’s customer base ranges from small businesses to the Fortune 100, including companies such as Disney, ESPN, The Hartford Insurance Group and Webster Bank.
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Technology Solutions
World Ipv6 Day: Undecillion Network Endpoints Expand the Internet

by Dr. Satwant Kaur, Hewlett-Packard
Hailed as the “First Lady of Emerging Technologies” in Silicon Valley, CBS and other media including live radio with the same moniker, and author of “Transitioning Embedded Systems to Intelligent Environments” published by Intel, Dr. Satwant Kaur, a monthly contributor to imageSource magazine, enlightens us on the significance of World IPv6 Day.
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Vendor Profile
Vendor Profile: Focus on Esha Corporation

Esha Corporation is a leading wholesaler of toner, ink, and storage media that has been in business for over 20 years. Esha Corporation is an approved HP distributor (for toner, ink, and storage media), and offers other major manufacturers printing and imaging products & to resellers, etc. The company prides itself on its 3 tenets: service, price, and selection. Esha is committed to making their customers’ business a success by offering excellent service, unmatched selection, and aggressive pricing.
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