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imageSource Magazine
November 2012 Digital Edition

Defining Electronics

Okay, we imagine a lot of things but let's put on our business hat and imagine there is a way for a company to transact business faster, cheaper, and in a manner that meets all essential legal and security requirements - and is easy to implement and use, creating a better experience for your customers, employees, partners and suppliers. Well, we want that outcome for many segments of our business, but there is one definite area that our cover story elaborates on - that of the electronic signature (eSignature) transaction management platform that is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), and is globally certified as an information security management system.

As we begin to close out 2012, many things are abundantly clear, but none more vivid than knowing we've entered into the "digital realm or century" for conducting most business electronically. Today, technology solutions and IT innovations are setting the course of action for organizations to take, build upon, conduct and manage all its business transactions. Of course jump into other fine articles on defining sales methodology, print cost control reduction, and how simple wireless power transmission is "recharging" your devices to make it even easier to conduct business.

Enjoy the read!

imageSource November 2012 issue
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ITEX 2012
Cover Story
The Security of Cloud-Based Electronic Signature

by Joan Ross, Chief Security Officer, DocuSign
No matter the size of the business and no matter what type of business, the selection of technologies in today’s economy is driven by the dual needs of saving money and increasing revenue. However, there’s little sense in selecting a complex system that will take months for users to learn, and may never adopt if it isn’t easy, convenient and secure.
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Biz Briefs
Process Makes Perfect

by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Author, Global Business Consultant
Processes. No one likes them, but we gotta have them. Business leaders know the importance of processes. They don’t exist to make employees lives more difficult, (although some corporate processes are questionable); they exist because process makes business more efficient, and a well-oiled business is a profitable business. I am completely committed to incorporating systematic processes in my company – it assures a step-and-repeat process that drives us to achieve consistent success.
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Sales & Marketing
What’s Your Sales Methodology?

by Tom Callinan, Strategy Development
Let’s think about you building your dream house. You go buy some land and you have the perfect house pictured in your mind. You dig a hole and pour your foundation. You then start to put the first floor on the house. It rains one day and you notice your basement has two feet of water. Maybe you should have spoken to somebody about the grade of your land. When you start to put the second floor on the house you notice that the framing on the first floor isn’t square, so you have to cut each beam differently to fit. Your doors and windows don’t fit properly so you have to cut extra plywood to fill the gaps in every opening. The roof and windows all leak, the floors slope in different directions, and the finishes have gaps everywhere. But you have your house.
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Technology Solutions
Wireless Power Transmission

As always, imageSource looks to Dr. Satwant Kaur (First Lady of Emerging Technologies) to share cutting edge technology advances, concepts, uses and opportunities with our readers. This month she addresses the emerging technology called Wireless Power Transmission.
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Business Strategies
Color This Business Strategy Green

by Sand Sinclair, Editor
We hear it all the time. Go green, be responsible, get involved and change the planet, let alone how we conduct greener business practices. Today, even the best CFOs are emerging as key players in sustainability, and, surprisingly, employees are too: they are second only to customers as drivers of company sustainability initiatives. Such is “Corporate Responsibility.” But is this thinking just for the giant corporations and big box stores, or for modern day American businesses of all sizes; many stretched thin to survive?
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Dealer Profile
The Winning Solutions of ProSource

Every day, more than 5,000 customers entrust the efficiency, security and reliability of their business operations to ProSource. From corporations to colleges, manufacturing to medical, ProSource provides the mainstays of business: document management, scanning, copiers, printers, print management services and production printing. Winning the prestigious imageSource 2012 Perfect Image Award for its Outstanding Customer Service Program is significant to ProSource – and a confirmation to those thousands of customers that have entrusted their operations to a company singled out nationally for its commitment to ethical, proactive and guaranteed satisfaction.
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