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June 3, 2015
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Threats, Risks and Rewards  

Summer is upon us as seasons alter from one to another, and people experience a variety of weather challenges. Yet when it comes to document security, we want reliability with little change, for reduced-risk continuity. According to our June cover story “the security of your or your customers’ document domain can’t be taken for granted anymore.” But the good news is, “the networked imaging systems in the enterprise can become your allies…and advanced MPS providers understand the challenges of protecting document workflow…including the endpoints like servers, printers, scanners, and multifunction devices” among other security issues. As always, you’ll want to read the entire article that is right on target in discussing today’s cyber-security threats and how it relates to protecting your and your clients data.

Naturally, we address a variety of topics that are targeted to those in the office channel, including info on search-based business intelligence, building online partnerships, re-evaluating the Centralized-model vs. De-centralized model, the necessity of succession planning, and how efforts of philanthropy will make a difference. This and more in this month’s issue. Enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor-in-Chief


MPS: The First Line of Defense from Security Threats  
It’s safe to say that 2014 will be remembered as “The Year of the Data Breach.” High-profile retailers, financial institutions and a powerful movie studio all experienced severe cybersecurity breaches and spent millions of dollars undoing the damage. These were major attacks that harmed not only the company’s bottom line, but its reputation. To prevent another year like 2014, companies need to focus on implementing an IT security plan that reduces risk and protects data.
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We’ve Seen This Movie Before…And We Liked It  
For the past few years, we’ve been witness to all this noise about Managed Print Services being about consolidation and rightsizing. It’s often insinuated that device rationalization is the cornerstone to a successful MPS initiative.
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Aligning Managed IT Business Objectives  
Imagine if you went to work one day and realized that the main individual responsible for managing the company’s finances had little or no education in finances. Furthermore, imagine that the reason they were put into the job is because they were able to help balance the boss’s checkbook or was “pretty good” in math in high school, so seemed “qualified enough.” It’s ridiculous, right?
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How to Give and Get Referrals  
Referrals. They’re the Holy Grail of the sales profession, and every salesperson wants them. Heck, most salespeople claim to receive quite a few. And yet, very few salespeople have a good handle on how to handle a referral so that everyone (giver, getter, referred party) gets what they want.
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Big Data...BIG Problem  
Most Big Data problems are typically contained within a data collection process. This process has grown so big and with the analysis of such a large volume of data, it has become difficult to manage utilizing conventional Relational Data Management.
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Focusing on the Critical Partnership Between Content and Search  
Robust product content coupled with strong search capabilities can deliver an efficient, quick, and intuitive online shopping experience that increases sales.
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Tips to Control & Manage MPS Spending  
We know that supplies and equipment needed for large amounts of printing can cost your clients a good deal of time and money if it is not being managed well. That said, some good tips from Technocom are cited for controlling Managed Print Services (and how MPS providers can highlight four key benefits to their customers).
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Surviving a Software Audit  
If you receive an audit letter or email from Microsoft, you are not alone. At present, approximately 10% of my company’s clients have gone through this process this year. An estimated 60% of midsized companies are targeted for audit.
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An Outstanding MPS Program is an Evolving MPS Program  
Jeremy Fordemwalt, VP of Managed Print Services at Impact Networking, explains what it takes to be recognized as an Outstanding MPS Program. In just two years, Jeremy Fordemwalt, Vice President of Managed Print Services at Impact Networking, has transformed a good MPS program into what imageSource’s Perfect Image Awards has recognized at this year’s ITEX Expo, as an Outstanding Managed Print Services Program.
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Succession Planning Lets You Call the Shots  
Why is succession planning so important? Obviously, it provides for the business owner to transition into retirement. Because of this, many people have a tendency to confuse succession planning with exit strategy planning.
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