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May 5, 2015
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Industry Accolades  

Each year, imageSource and the ITEX/imageSource Advisory Council along with selected industry peers, recognize office dealerships and related business professionals to receive the annual Perfect Image Awards (PIA). These awards are for categorical excellence and outstanding best practices, then presented at the ITEX Conference & Expo. Our May cover features the 2015 Dealer of the Year, ProSource, recognized for outstanding performance, best practices, and overall company excellence. We salute ProSource, and think you'll find their story of success rather interesting to read.

In addition, learn more on protecting company data from cyber security breaches, profitable partnering to enhance ECM benefits, the latest upgrades in Google Analytics, growing your company’s profits by use of a sales coach, and the formal method of evaluating a sales person’s performance, amid other useful information. As usual, enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor-in-Chief


The Award Winning, Total Solutions Provider, Prosource  
Recently presented imageSource Magazine’s 2015 Perfect Image Award for Dealer of the Year at the annual ITEX Conference & Expo, Prosource has an enterprising “story to tell.”
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University Archives: A Call for Magazines  
Whether you are an OEM or aftermarket player in the imaging industry, an attorney, a legal aide, a supplier of raw materials or finished products, completing this searchable data base might someday prove a critical asset in the event you are confronted with a patent infringement lawsuit.
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Update: Google Upgrades to Universal Analytics  
If you are using Google Analytics on your website, you should stop what you are doing and read the rest of this article. Seriously.
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What Makes OKI A Good Partner for BTA Dealers?  
Channel partners are always looking for opportunities to grow their business. As you begin to think about expansion and revenue growth, the first thought would be, “What makes a good partner to work with to help me achieve my business objectives and goals?”
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Protecting Data from Cyber Security Breaches  
The news is full of cyber security breaches; it is a continual problem and affects everyone. I think there are a lot of misconceptions that are proliferated by the non-experts who now have a social voice, and by those with ulterior intentions.
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How to Find a Business Coach That’s Right for You  
Ask any successful athlete or business owner how they achieved their success and they’ll likely give credit to their coaches and mentors. Business coaches can be the difference between simply reaching versus surpassing your goals and building a business that you never imagined.
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Profitable Partnering  
Are you getting everything you need from your document management hardware and software partners? Although it may seem impossible to have all your needs met by a single, strong partner, you can learn to ask better questions during the vetting process to increase your chances of profitable partnering.
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A Simple Method to Evaluate a Salesperson  
One of the things that surprise a lot of my clients is my insistence on doing formal, written evaluations of salespeople, annually. Annual evaluations are a great tool for improvement.
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CASE STUDY: Print Audit Premier Solution  
"I have not come across a business model that provides as much of a competitive edge as Premier, " says Chris Gardella, President, Printer Pro Solutions Inc. Printer Pro Solutions is the leader in managed print solutions within the Northeast.
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The Keys to Building a Courageous Staff  
I’m sure you remember the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. Despite his heritage as king of the jungle, this lion lacked courage. How much courage does your staff possess when it comes to coping with unhappy customers or clients? Do your employees own their mistake, face up to it, and fix it for the customer? Do they learn from it? They’d better!
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