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August 5, 2014
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Summer is about to give way to autumn, yet for those in the office channel, business is 365 days a year.  This is why imagesource regularly delivers peer-written articles to keep you keenly aware of business topics that need addressing 24/7.  Our August issue is filed with interesting insight on document management strategies, technician services tips, 3-D printing, sales and marketing techniques, mobility/BYOD, the power of managed services, and how green business planning can improve your bottom line. Enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor

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Document Management Quickly Becomes Information Management  
As the CEO of a scanner company, I’m tempted to write that implementing a successful document management strategy equates to one approach: scan everything! While document capture via digital scanning technology is definitely an important element in implementing a document management strategy for your business or practice, it is, perhaps, the first step in attaining what should be your ultimate strategic goal of turning document management into information management.
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Thoughts on the Future of 3D Printing  
It’s impossible to see where connectivity and other emerging technologies will move us in the near future. But, it’s interesting to listen to the discussions regarding the opportunities, predictions, concerns and myriad of questions on how 3D printing will fit into this mix.
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The ROI of Technical Training  
I’m a trainer so you know right away where I sit on this topic. Of course I believe there is value in training. However, I’m not the one who buys it. So realistically we need to look at this from a service managers stand point, who needs to get the approval of the CFO, CEO and/or board to answer the question; can you justify the cost of service techs training?
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Mobility and BYOD  
Today, according to a recent study done by Cisco, there are almost as many mobile devices (7 billion) as there are humans on the planet, and by the end of last year, the number of mobile-connected devices will have exceed the number of people on earth.
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How to Pay Your Salespeople  
It’s one of the most common questions that I’m asked is, “How should I pay my salespeople?” Most of the time I'm reticent because paying salespeople is a complicated topic with many particulars that depend on your company and situation.
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Identifying the Ideal Managed IT Opportunities  
As an office equipment dealer, you are well seasoned in having copy and print conversations with your customers. You know the business, the products, and how to talk with your customers about their needs. Your customers love you, and your relationships are built upon trust.
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How to make your Customer Green Report Automated and Actionable  
Over the last decade Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has grown from a ‘good idea’ into a requirement, especially in large enterprise. Internally, companies are responding to public pressure, employee and investor demand, and data which represents an overall decline in the health of the global environment.
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