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September 4, 2014
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Think Government, MPS, and Polls  

As many more local and state government institutions pursue a new focus, that of managed print services (MPS) in order to dramatically reduce print-related expenditures, one thing in particular is evidently clear: the most critical aspect of the process is vendor selection. Our September cover story addresses key areas to consider in this vertical market and why choosing a preferred partner with the right credentials is a must. In addition, other fine articles talk of becoming the provider of choice, the number one risk to your service business, who is behind the new "E-printers," info on IaaS among software as a service models, & much more.

Lastly, we encourage you to tell us what you think through our Readers Poll. Each month, we’ll be weighing in with you, the subscriber, to either get your opinion on what’s trending in the industry, what’s most important to you in business, and/or what describes your type of organization.

This Month’s Poll asks:

Which describes your organization best?

A)           Document Management Exclusive Reseller

B)           Do Not Offer/Manage DMS Software Programs

C)           Offer DMS Solution Among Multi-product Portfolio

D)           Other

To vote, visit by September 30th.

Of course, as always, enjoy the process, enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor-in-Chief


Winning Playbook for Government: Managed Print Services Programs  
Many local and state government institutions have a new focus – managed print services (MPS) – on dramatically reducing print-related expenditures and redirect funds to meet the needs of their communities. This sounds great, but is it practical?
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Printer Supplies: Getting it Right  
A battle of ideology has begun over the definition of “clone” printer cartridges. The Recycler trade magazine—one of the printer cartridge industry’s finest with more than 260 editions under its belt—“is definitely pro-remanufacturing.” That’s good. However, they have lumped all other aftermarket products together—legal and illegal, non-infringing and infringing—indicating: “As to the difference between a clone and a patent-free new cartridge, who really cares?”
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The New Frontiers of Managed IT Services  
We have all heard the rumors of the growing “paperless society” and that our current printing business is in a major decline. Xerox recently posted that they will have a ninth straight quarter of year-over-year decline in revenues.
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SPI: The Underestimated Foundation  
Even with the growing popularity of cloud computing, some companies are still hesitant to move their mission-critical data to the cloud. Cloud computing and the “as a Service” model has grown so much that it's lead to the creation of the term “XaaS,” meaning either “everything as a service” or “anything as a service” – and they mean “anything” - from integration as a service to data as a service to encryption as a service to storage as a service – the possibilities of the cloud service sector are endless.
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Service Providers: Deliver Long-term Business Success with Document Management  
According to a recent IDC report, the digital universe doubles every two years and is expected to reach 44,000 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes) by 2020. (EMC Digital Universe Study, with research and analysis by IDC, April 2014)
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To Whom It May Concern: Getting Into the Mind of Your Prospects  
Today’s content-driven marketing strategy has smart marketers writing content for their blogs and social media. Yes, Google indexes this content, which is a good thing for companies that want to get found online. However, in the middle of all of this content creation it’s easy to lose touch with the actual reader, your target prospect.
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Neopost USA Solutions Help California County Establish Mailroom Controls, Track Usage & Save Money  
SOLUTION: Neopost USA’s customer, a California county government, needed to implement employee controls in its mailroom operations. This government did not have a dedicated mailroom staff; instead, the mailroom was used by 50 county employees who operated on an unreliable honor system.
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The Number One Risk to Your Service Business? Status Quo  
“Our customers love our personalized service” is something many owners of office machine dealerships are fond of saying. With many dealerships loyally serving the same customers for decades, it’s difficult to argue that they aren’t doing something right.
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BYOD Considerations  
Mobile technologies have been used in manufacturing facilities for decades to help workers automatically collect data while on the job to increase productivity and accuracy. These wireless networks were built for specific functions with known ranges and types of equipment that would be used such as bar code scanners, laptops and RFID devices.
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I’ve been in sales for 25 years now and on my own as a consultant/trainer for ten. I’ve seen a lot of hires go wrong, for a variety of reasons. Yet, there’s one phrase that has always been (in my own experience) a predictor of failure in a hire.
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Documents Saved from Oblivion!  
The loss of paper is happening every moment of every day, and it’s only a matter of time before critical documents are gone.
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Focus On: NXB  
NXB is a premier delivery and technician dispatch management software solution. From the beginning, NXB’s mission has been focused and simple: Provide an integrated solution that improves the client’s bottom line.
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Becoming the Provider of Choice  
In today’s ever-evolving world of office technology and document workflow production, businesses are facing new and difficult decisions that affect their overall productivity in the corporate space.
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