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October 7, 2013
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Mobile or Networked, Play Offense!  

Our October issue is filled with a variety of topics as we continue to address key drivers in the office industry today.  As we all continue to use our smartphones and mobile devices to help expedite business communication and processes in a more immediate way, Toshiba’s (TABS) Bill Melo talks shop on: Enhancing the Printing Capability for the Mobile Worker.

From there read other informative articles on workflow, document management, managed services and those key areas that invite new, enhanced  solutions, opportunities and, yes, learning to play “offense” today to keep things on target and moving  forward. Enjoy the read!

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Download your free MaxxDocs 30-day trial. MaxxVault LLC provides open system software solutions for the capture, distribution and control of documents. The MaxxVault ECM platform is built using the latest technology for enhanced security, dependability, interoperability, cost reduction, efficiency improvements, increased customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Quickly adopted by users and administrators, MaxxVault is a Red Herring 2012 Top 100 Global Award winner, CRN 2011 Top 20 Cloud vendor and BLI Five-Star solution.
Enhancing the Printing Capability for the Mobile Worker  
Unless you are a modern-day Howard Hughes (after his aviator days, that is), you may have noticed the increasing use of mobile technology in our society. Smartphones and tablets are becoming as much a part of our lives as the rotary phone was in our parent's generation.
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Carolina Wholesale announces they are now a full-line Samsung Authorized Distributor, offering a robust selection of Samsung MFPs including their new A3 line. Samsung's innovations and designs have been recognized with more than 100 awards for performance, reliability, and eco-friendliness. Samsung imaging equipment and supplies are available in CW's five distribution centers in California, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. CW provides same-day shipping and next-day ground delivery to most major U.S. cities. Visit to learn more about Carolina Wholesale's current Samsung offering and programs or call them at 1-800-521-4600. Carolina Wholesale is now "Your Best Source" for Samsung.
Simple Solutions for Sales Force Profitability  
Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best and most obvious ones. For instance, when you cut through the billion dollar diet industry offerings, the key to losing weight and keeping it off is to "eat less and exercise more." No matter how you look at it, that's what it always comes back to. The answer to sales force profitability in our industry is just as simple: "decrease turnover and increase productivity."
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Eye-Opening Opportunity for Independent Dealers Found at Print 13  
I recently attended the Print 13 expo at McCormick Place in Chicago, and the theme for this year's show was "Innovate. Integrate. Communicate." The event is held once every four years and this year's show was the largest and most innovative global exhibition of digital, offset printing and hybrid technologies in 2013.
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Law Office Becomes Paperless with DocuWare  
This immigration law firm utilizes DocuWare to archive immigration applications and other legal documents. The move to paperless storage allows the firm to access case files remotely, share documents among employees and improve customer service, while securing sensitive information and reducing storage costs.
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Time for Engagement  
US-based patent attorney, Steve Adkins, has worked with the International Trade Commission and U.S. Customs authorities on more than 45 cases involving exclusion orders.
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Play Offense  
It is a timeless debate in sports: is offense or defense more important? With a strong sports background myself, I always relate my business experience to sports analogies. We have all heard the saying "defense wins championships" and have seen the famous prevent defense.
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Take it to the Next Level: Why Energy Management Matters  
In today's competitive imaging industry, managing the energy usage of traditional office environments presents major growth opportunities for industry professionals.
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What's in a Name?  
Feeling overwhelmed by the numerous acronyms in use in our industry these days? You're not alone. We use so many nicknames for the technologies we provide that it's a veritable alphabet soup, and our use of this specialized lexicon may be confusing our customers and prospects.
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etfile Transforms 50 Years of Paper into Digitized Paperless System for Leicester Public Schools  
Leicester Public Schools is a school system based in Leicester, Massachusetts - a small town in the state's central region.
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