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December 4, 2014
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Your New Business Objective  

As we begin to close out 2014, all businesses have begun to plan wholeheartedly for 2015. As the multi-years’ transformation of the office channel continues, business objectives are contemplated while business models are reexamined for “what worked; what did not” to define the best business plan or model going forward. Most companies use a combined strategy at every level of its operation to achieve its objectives. This determines how a company will allocate its resources and what strengths, challenges, and opportunities it will undertake to move forward. As organizations prepare for 2015, our December issue spotlights leading executives in the channel for a peer perspective on “what happened; what worked (or not) for dealers and solution providers; where we’re heading” in 2015 to find the best opportunities to thrive. It’s all here in our annual “Year End Peer Review.”

In addition, find absorbing articles that inform you on actionable solutions per platform, including case studies with troubleshooting strategies to attain positive end results in DMS / workflow, how technology is redefining the playing field, and where you can find new revenue sources. Also, check out our newest poll. Let us know what interests you!

POLL:  What vertical markets are you interested in or planning to support in the next 6-12 months?
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Enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor-in-Chief


Peer Review: State of the Channel & 2015 Predictions  
Each year, imageSource collects a mindshare of viewpoints from experienced office technology leaders who “take the pulse” of the industry and share their insight on what is working; what isn’t; what is trending on the horizon. As economic indicators report growth in some markets, we see disruption in others, as the channel continues to adapt and transform.
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Defeating Strong OEMs Wielding Weak Patents  
I think it’s time to take a hard look at the strategy that some OEMs have been using to intimidate respondents in a campaign of patent infringement lawsuits. How many aftermarket players have fallen victim to this strategy of shock and coercion that OEMs have employed by exercising their legitimate patent rights while banking upon their massive financial resources to press for claims to be allowed and to overwhelm the alleged infringer.
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Document Management and Other Mysteries Solved  
About 10 years ago, and much against my financial advisors’ advice, I purchased horses for my daughters. I remember it as if it were yesterday. His advice was, "Do not purchase anything that depreciates and eats at the same time."
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The Three Primary Stages of the Buyer's Journey  
Within your copier/ managed IT services dealership, you sell to a variety of folks. You have your C-levels, ambassadors, purchasing managers, IT folks, and the list goes on. However, are you aware of the key stages of buying that they go through, or “buyer’s journey”?
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Alignment, Assignment, Technique  
I recently read an article that stated the original Fortune 500 list of companies published in 1955; 489 of them are no longer in business or have been merged into other companies.
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Building a Model for Effective Website Communication  
The nation’s leading robotic space exploration institution came to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, for assistance in optimizing the effectiveness of its website development practices for communicating scientific, technical, and educational outreach information internally, nationally, and around the world.
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DocuWare: Banking in Honduras Made Easier  
Banco Atlántida S. A was established in 1913, and is the leader of the most complete and varied financial group in Honduras. The bank provides individuals, as well as small and large businesses with a wide range of financial products and services.
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High School Students Seize 3D Opportunities  
Little things matter a lot when you’re young. Will that talented computer-aided design student be inspired and become an engineer or architect? Or will she find the classwork less than relevant and drift through high school? One Texas high school is giving its students every opportunity to be inspired.
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Finding New Revenue Sources Through Micro Sales Channels  
In today’s maturing imaging market it is getting more and more important to find new sources of revenue. One way businesses are approaching new revenue generation is by creating micro sales channels.
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The Boy Scouts Were Right  
“Be Prepared (and Do Your Best)” - that’s the Boy Scouts’ motto, and I’ve spoken about it before. So many sales are lost not because the customer doesn’t want to buy, but because the salesperson isn’t prepared to sell.
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