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June 2, 2014
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What’s Trending in Technology?  

In the last decade alone, we've seen the influence of technology on businesses continually increase. Whether it's with smart phones, tablets, SMS, wireless, VoIP, 3 D printers; the list goes on.  Now, when we consider all of the technologies appearing in the business environment, including the office channel, business professionals, dealers, MSPs, VARs are being asked to integrate many new technologies with their existing business processes - in order to thrive in our competitive environment. Take a look at our June cover story, which spotlights some of the current and new tech devices and services, and what’s forecasted on the near horizon. 

In addition, check out what’s happening in aftermarket supplies due to all the recent changes, how corporate culture drives results for increased sales and customer retention, why you need to know about The Internet of Things (IoT), and why we all need to be protecting our organization’s most important asset today: information.  This and more are inside this issue. Enjoy the read!

Sand Sinclair, Editor


What’s Trending in Technology - Predictions vs. Profit  
We are moving steadily towards a more flexible work environment that demands increased services and devices to enable the way that we, and our customers, conduct business. Changing how we work takes planning and the latest tools, which can be challenging; some would say daunting, but the office Channel has been evolving for some time now, as the pace of doing business gets faster.
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Protecting an Organization’s Most Important Asset: Information  
There’s no question that the workplace is changing. In fact, it’s not really a place at all—work happens in the office, at home and on the go. How work gets done is changing just as rapidly, driven by cloud access, social media, virtual collaboration and other technologies and communication vehicles.
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The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend  
Former foes Static Control Components (the aftermarket component supplies giant) and Lexmark (the well-known printer manufacturer), who have been battling it out in court for more than 10 years, appear to have put their differences aside—at least temporarily
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Network Survey & SOW Are Good Tools  
I’d like to talk about what I believe are some of the most underrated tools in our business today: the Network Survey and the Statement of Work (SOW) document.
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Sales? Corporate Culture Drives Results  
On a weekly basis, I read various trade-related publications with articles on the many different approaches as to how to improve sales with existing accounts. In many of these, the direction given is a focus to take every opportunity to “sell something.”
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Why you need to understand the Internet of Things (IoT)  
The term the “Internet of Things (IoT)” was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, MIT Auto-ID Director, though the concept had been in discussion since the early 90’s. The very first Internet application developed was a Coke machine at Carnegie Melon University
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Office Technology Rising Star: EDGE Business Systems  
At the ITEX Expo in March, imageSource awarded a handful of selected dealers and solution providers the annual Perfect Image Award, indicating each was outstanding in its unique category.
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Win New Customers - Keep Current Customers - Build Recurring Revenue  
Solution: Print Audit Premier Client: Printer Pro Solutions, Inc. Printer Pro Solutions is the leader in managed print solutions within the Northeast. The company has helped organizations both big and small save money and increase productivity with a managed print solution.
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The Power of LinkedIn  
I was recently in a discussion with a sales executive about recruiting sales reps through LinkedIn. It was his opinion that LinkedIn was an overused tool and would soon become just another social website with business flair.
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Hiring New Graduates  
It is that time of year again when thousands of young professionals graduate college and look to enter the work force. The market will soon become flooded with new graduates desperate to start their careers. Some companies are able to take advantage of this situation and make great additions to their organization by hiring the future superstars of their generation.
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