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May 30, 2013
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BEI Services has been providing the world's only source for unbiased imaging device and technician performance benchmarking since 1993. Analyzing millions of service calls on millions of imaging devices every month allows BEI Services to pinpoint opportunities to save money within your service organization. Having also developed the most successful and widely used performance based technician compensation program in the industry, BEI Services stands alone as experts in service department benchmarking and managed incentive programs. A free 2-week trial is available. Whether you’re looking to pinpoint profit improvement areas, create a self-funding technicians compensation program, or save time creating technician territories BEI Services has the answer. For more information,
Top 10 Technology Trends Seen in Key Sectors  
Global analyst Gartner has identified the key worldwide technology trends in energy & utilities across both public and private sectors, showing plenty of movement towards smart city technologies thanks to increased use of big data and predictive analytics.
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Since 1995, Digital Gateway, Inc. has helped over 1,200 companies drive their business operations successfully with its innovative e-automate™ dealer management software. Digital Gateway assists dealers in each step of attaining and keeping pages under contract by providing dealers visibility to the industry, connectivity to key integrations and seamless automation needed to secure the business and future business of the dealer's customers. Learn how e-automate gives independent dealers the edge in your market:
New Messaging Stats Indicate Need for Content Carriers to Adapt To the OTT Model  
Informa reported last month that almost 19 billion messages were sent per day on chat apps in 2012, compared with 17.6 billion SMS texts. These figures follow another report asserting that carriers will lose $54 billion by 2016 due to smartphone messaging apps. With OTT messaging overtaking SMS for the first time, it is time carriers make moves to displace the OTT players.
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Want to First Test an App on Your Android Smartphone? Meet TestFairy.  
While the mobile smartphone wars continue to intensify, judging by the pure market share numbers, Android is the clear winner. Again, we're not talking about revenue, mind share, branding or anything else, just pure market share.
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Bates County Memorial relies on Panasonic Toughbook Mobile Clinical Assistants for EMR System  
Bates County Memorial Hospital, located in Butler, Missouri, is a 60-bed facility servicing Bates County and other surrounding regions. Since 1960, Bates has been delivering quality patient care with a “hands-on healing” approach.... now one way clinicians are able to invest more time in providing personal care and attention to each patient is through adoption of new technology.
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A Disposable World? Facts That Are Mind-boggling.  
If the entire world lived like the average American, we’d need 5 planets to provide enough resources. Even if you’re the most dedicated treehugger out there, if you’re American, your carbon footprint is still double the per-capita average of most of the world. Though America would have to reduce our carbon-emitting habits by 83% in order to be sustainable, that’s not quite as insurmountable as it sounds.
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It's a Numbers Game. Don't Just Do 'em, Track 'em!  
Like every salesperson (regardless if selling office equipment, managed services or trendy technology products), I have a set quota that I'm responsible for meeting each month.
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Nuworld is one of the most dynamic dealers and distributors in the office automation industry, stocking an inventory of over 10,000 items from over 20 different brands. Founded in 1985, Nuworld has come to be known throughout the industry as the Prime Source for the largest selection of brand name office machines.We carry copiers, MFPs, fax machines, printers, scanners, wide format printers, duplicators, electronic white boards, paper shredders, folding machines and parts & supplies! For more information, visit


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