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July 25, 2013
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As the nation's largest trade event for the office technology and solutions, document imaging and content information channel, ITEX is currently seeking qualified speakers to deliver presentations at next year's conference. If you're a dealer, reseller, vendor, consultant/analyst, an industry association, services and/or solutions-type provider, please consider speaking at the upcoming 2014 National Conference. The submission deadline is Friday, August 23. Submit today at For more information, stay tuned to

ChannelCon Provides Insights for Vendors and Distributors  
The better you understand your customers, the more successful your business. That's why CompTIA is encouraging its vendor and distributor members to attend training courses at ChannelCon July 29 to 31 in Orlando, FL.
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What Should Your Website Do For Your Dealership?  
Every one of your competitors has a website. Your website can either be a major asset to your dealership that supports your sales efforts by positioning you as a thought leader, generating leads and cross selling current clients...or it can be a hidden liability that sabotages your success by giving the impression that you are a second-tier player.
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Software That Analyzes Website Performance in Mobile Phone and Tablet Searches  
New functionality in search and social analytics software lets digital marketers analyze and track how their sites are performing in searches on mobile devices. They can monitor search engine rankings and the corresponding traffic coming from searches on both mobile phones and tablets, as well as analyzing mobile search performance...
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Yes, Grab Your Customers with Social Media…But Don't Abandon All Other Marketing Tools  
As a refresh, I continue to drive home the idea that we live in a world where customers, resellers and suppliers need 24/7 access to finding you and your company information. And that means a lot more today than just having a "static" website just waiting for prospects to discover you by default.
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3D—How Printing Has Changed in the 21st Century  
According to Faces of Innovation, there was that era when offices literally buzzed with the sound of dot-matrix printers churning out letters, memos, and invoices; perforated paper unfolding from a stack stored behind or beneath them.
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Whistleblower Snowden's Government Leaks Create Concern for U.S. Cloud Providers Regarding Security Issues  
During June and July of 2013, news of whistleblower, US government contractor Edward Snowden, dominated global headlines. Snowden provided evidence of US government access to information from...
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Speek To Me  
All successful companies know the importance of being able to communicate with their employees and clients. However, the software and technology needed to keep up with clients and employees who may be working all over the country can be expensive and difficult to decipher. Enter Speek...
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