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A Winning Dealership: FloTech

31 May, 2012

Flo-Tech, imageSource Magazine's 2012 Perfect Image Award Winner for Outstanding Sales Program, is a pioneer and innovator in the Managed Print Services Industry, which includes their very unique sales program.

Background/History:  Flo-Tech has been delivering managed print services solutions since 1992, even before the term “Managed Print” was defined. As a pioneer in the managed print services market, Flo-Tech partners with their clients to help them achieve a truly “managed” printing and imaging environment making printer support truly transparent to their clients – something many organizations are striving to achieve.  Flo-Tech does this with their unique managed print services programs and proactive service model that addresses every aspect of managing their customer’s printers, copiers and mfps – whether it’s a fleet with 1000’s of devices or a small network of copiers.  They are experts in determining the best printing and imaging solutions to address their client’s needs, whether those needs require a small desktop printer or a high end 100+ page per minute device in a production copy center.  Their clients rely on their knowledge and expertise and years of experience in implementing the full range of HP and Canon solutions to deliver the right technology to meet their specific needs.

In the past year alone, their implementations have varied from small copier installations of 1-2 devices to a technology refresh of 500+ devices with mfps to support their customer’s new scanning initiatives (Flo-Tech also supports their network of 1600 printers).  In another implementation, color consolidation was the driver for installation of 70 mfps which resulted in significant monthly savings to their client (Flo-Tech is also providing seamless nationwide service and support for this customer’s branch office locations spread across the country).  Flo-Tech’s implementations also included some high volume production and copy center environments.  In fact, based on their experience, Canon recently selected Flo-Tech as one of their first dealers to support their new 135+ page per minute device.

Innovative, scalable, Managed Print Solutions:  A key driver in Flo-Tech’s success has been their ability to scale and continuous expansion of their managed print services offering under their branded “Integrated Print Management Program™” (IPM™).  Under the IPM™ program Flo-Tech is providing support for printers, copiers, mfps, fax machines and scanners in a variety of customer environments with varying levels of complexity, page volumes and number of devices. To provide this level of support, Flo-Tech has invested in the processes, tools and technologies, and built an infrastructure, that can support a full range of devices and customer environments. The result is a managed services solution that includes 1) an in-depth assessment process to give their clients greater visibility into their current cost structure and workflows; 2) optimization strategies and right sizing recommendations to improve both operational and cost efficiencies; 3) their internally developed Alert Management Software™ for automating service delivery with intelligent, remote monitoring and alert management; 4) a comprehensive asset management program with electronic discovery software; 5) extensive analysis and internally developed reporting tools that are the basis for the Quarterly business reviews that are an integral part of their IPM™ program.  Flo-Tech’s IPM™ program is also unique in that it can be implemented with or without new hardware.  In many cases Flo-Tech will take over service and supplies on a customer’s existing fleet to optimize the client’s existing infrastructure before considering a technology refresh.  When new hardware is part of the solution, Flo-Tech has an Equipment Preparation facility to streamline implementation of devices at their client sites.  Devices get shipped to their equipment prep facility where their technicians can test and configure devices to customer specifications.
Flo-Tech also offers several strategic software solutions that bring additional depth and value to their comprehensive MPS offering. They have recently expanded their core offerings with several “software solution bundles” that include implementation and planning services, installation and training and on-going software support.   These software bundles include industry leading solutions for document management, document capture and routing, rules based printing and secure mobile printing.  With the explosion in use of smartphones and tablet devices, mobile printing has become a higher priority item for many of their clients and Flo-Tech is working with them to address mobile printing as part of an overall print management strategy and mobile device deployment.
The human side of MPS:  As Flo-Tech will tell you, for any MPS implementation to be successful typically requires changing user’s behavior.  Whether driven by changes in company print policies, changes driven through rules based printing (ie, job routing to least cost devices), changes in physical device locations, consolidation of local printers to shared devices, or often changes in workflow and business processes – there will be change.  While those changes are all focused on good things like reducing costs, reducing support requirements, improving device performance and availability and streamlining workflows, user adoption can still be a challenge at times.  That makes change management an important component to Flo-Tech MPS implementations.  From a user perspective, what they care about is that document that comes off the printer – the legal brief, the case file, the patient record, the loan documents, etc.,  not all the software, service and support in the background that makes that printer more efficient and cost less.    

As a result Flo-Tech has developed a very detailed implementation planning and change management process. Through this planning process, Flo-Tech clearly defines a timeline with all the tasks, roles and responsibilities and critical paths for a successful MPS implementation.  It includes an initial contract review, transition planning from the customer’s current service provider, set up of all requirements for execution of their preventative maintenance program and Alert Management Software™, equipment delivery and installation (if required), service implementation, training requirements, set up on Flo-Tech Connect™ for on-line ordering and service requests and scheduling of regular business reviews.   As part of this process, Flo-Tech has also developed several end user communications their clients can send out keeping them informed of changes that will affect their day to day activities.  Flo-Tech has also worked with some clients to create education and awareness programs educating users on the cost of printing and the impact of using the right printer for the right job.  The result has been improved user satisfaction, a much quicker adaption rate, and improved ROI. 

Partnerships:  Flo-Tech was once again recognized with HP’s top level recognition in 2011 as an HP Managed Print Advanced Specialist (one of only 70 HP resellers nationwide putting Flo-Tech in the top 1% of HP resellers in the printing and imaging space).  Flo-Tech has also had the opportunity to serve on HP’s Advisory Board and Flo-Tech’s service team has been recognized for their outstanding service performance with several Performance Excellence Awards.  Flo-Tech is also a Canon Authorized Dealer and Service Provider and is recognized as one of Canon’s Top 30 Independent Dealers and covers one of the largest geographies in their independent dealer channel.  Flo-Tech is also a Canon Gold Level Advantage Program Partner.  They also have relationships with other industry leading companies including Xerox, Lexmark and Dell and several software solution providers. 
In addition to being selected as the 2012 Perfect Image Award Winner for Outstanding Sales Program, Flo-Tech was recognized with the 2011 Perfect Image Award for Dealer of the Year, is a seven time recipient of the Elite Dealer Award, two time recipient of the Business Champions Award for fastest growing private companies and has been named a Waste Wise Partner through the Environmental Protection Agency.  Flo-Tech’s CEO, Leo Bonetti, has also been named as one of the “Top 40 Most Influential People in the Imaging Industry”. 

“Flo-Tech is excited about the opportunity to provide our clients additional value through our expanded software offerings.  Once again our customers have driven us to be a better company.  Their feedback and insights lead us to expand our core offerings and dictated the best solutions for Flo-Tech to standardize on based on their needs”   Leo Bonetti, CEO.

In addition, “It was an honor to be recognized for outstanding sales program.  Flo-Tech has always been customer focused and our sales program, with a sales plan we refer to as the “un-quota” is really something quite unique in the industry.  We have found it really drives a closer alignment of our salesforce with our customer’s goals and objectives,” offers Scott MacGregror, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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