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Best Ways the Cloud Helps Improve Productivity

2 Jul, 2014 By: Randy Wear

When a business or non-commercial enterprise considers making any change, the key factor is the answer to “Why?”  Let’s face it: if there aren’t several good reasons, or a major-impact single reason, people don’t make a change.  

In my 10 years of selling and supporting full cloud environments (running a businesses’ software and accessing their data, privately, through the Internet on equipment located in data centers; what some people call IT As A Service), I’ve literally heard over 100 different reasons from business owners on why they thought it was compelling to extend into our cloud environment.  

Everyone’s reasons and benefits are personal to them, both to their organization and to themselves personally. As a professional technology solution provider, it is important that you understand and probe to learn about the client’s industry, terminology, objectives, problems, opportunities – both near term and 3+ years down the line. The better you do at being able to educate and probe, the better you can get the client to tell you what’s important to them. You then provide a “package” (products, services & processes) to fulfill those. And you’ll get paid far more; have a more valued relationship and a longer relationship with your client as a result.

There are different categories of reasons on why businesses move to the cloud. One reason is Productivity. What are, in fact, the “Best Ways the Cloud Helps Improve Productivity?”

1) Full cloud users are often 30%+ more productive!

That’s based on what business owners tell us.  We’re told they flat out get more work done:

The ability to work anywhere - home, office, plane, train, car (please, only if someone else is driving) - connected via the Internet to the corporate software and data, anytime – a good cloud system should be available 7x24x365 – and on any device (tablet, PC, thin client, Mac, even phone) and to provide everyone in the organization the ability to work more hours than they do or would otherwise.

2) Employees are happier. This results in higher quality work, more of it, better customer and intra-company interactions.  Why are they happier?

When a company has full-cloud use available, it tends to provide more life & work balance opportunities. This means more flextime; ability to work from home; tend to a family member’s sickness but fit in their work, and be available to the company for some hours.  Maybe leave early to catch a child’s ballgame then completely pick up working at the same place, same screen in the company’s line of business software later that night in order to finish work orders.

One of our selling partners reported a business owner who said, “Putting business in your cloud will help me avoid divorcing my second wife. I was away from the home and family too much before, so my first wife divorced me!”

3) Customers and fellow employees are better served. Having the ability to run the software anytime, anywhere, securely (that’s important, too) means having the right information at “now time.” This leads to better decisions, more streamlined activities, less duplication of effort, and saves time and trouble. Naturally, more work gets done, more sales are made, and the business runs better.

For instance, how about enabling a distributor to have salespeople in the field, meeting with customers and pulling up their order status and the catalog, answering questions, taking orders, providing on-the-spot information?  Better service and better business.

How about workers for a non-profit being able to spend more time in the field, meeting with their clients, using a tablet, providing information right away to respond to that person’s situation, putting them right away in touch with the right agency, doctor or program to improve the client’s health or emotional state? Would that improve the number of people the non-profit serves? Can they better fulfill their mission?  Will it increase the likelihood of more funding? You bet.

4) A quality cloud environment provides more up-time, with a more controlled, secure environment, to use the company’s programs and access data. And people are more productive.

  What are you seeing and hearing?

Randy Wear is Chief Evangelist of TOGL, LLC, and will show you ways to thrive with Cloud, providing you a brand able Infrastructure, Sales Training, Technical Training, Marketing Materials and Support. Reach him at 800-626-8277 ext. 100 or randy@toglcloud.com or visit http://www.TOGLcloud.com 

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