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Build the Worst Sales Team Ever (or Inversely, the Best)

1 Nov, 2015 By: Lisa Person

Your business is expanding and you finally have the resources (and need) to create an effective sales team. It’s your responsibility to develop a strategy and head up the hiring process. Of course, as a print and tech professional, this is likely far outside your comfort zone. You have no idea where to start and, with so much at stake, the mission at hand can be quite overwhelming.

Of course, there is one surefire way for even the most inexperienced manager to prepare for this assignment: think of all the worst ways imaginable to assemble a sales team. Then, do the opposite.

What Not to Do

  1. Skip the Research

Who really needs to know what others are doing and what markets offer the best opportunities? Ignore the competition, ignore the market landscape, ignore your resources, ignore local economic factors and definitely ignore just about all your company goals and sales potential. If there’s an absolutely surefire way to fail at assembling your sales team, this is it. No plan, no matter how appealing, cost-effective or innovative, can succeed in the face of a lack of research.

Successful sales team are built on the results of extensive research that accurately reflects the lay of the land. If you’re searching for a great sales team, you’ll need to address the following: your budget, potential compensation plans, business needs and corporate culture. But if you’re looking to fail? Forget about all that and move on to your next step…

  1. Avoid Uncovering Your Weaknesses

A good business owner needs to recognize their limitations and their company’s weaknesses, and will be aware of those shortcomings during important endeavors like hiring a new sales team. Knowing your own weaknesses, you can prepare for potential errors that could negatively impact your performance, while being aware of your company’s weak points will ensure you’re able to hire people capable of making up for those shortcomings.

Of course a good way to put together a terrible sales team would be just to ignore all that. Your gut feeling is probably just as good as some critical self-reflection, eh?

  1. Ignore Effective Hiring Processes

Make a joke of the hiring process by not putting together effective, attractive want ads, whiff on the interview process and make a pitiable offering lacking in benefits. When you’re only paying lip service to the rigors of the hiring process, you’re not only doing your potential future employee a disservice, you’re hurting your business too. The interview process seems simple and straightforward because it’s a time-proven method just about everyone has experience with. But in reality, without the proper preparation, that process can quickly become a costly time sink.

  1. Don’t Communicate with New Hires

So somehow you’ve hired an effective and promising new sales team—don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time for you to screw the whole thing up. While research may be the most important factor leading up to the hiring process, it’s communication that becomes the most important aspect following a new hire. If there’s a surefire way to lose a new employee, it’s to make things as confusing as possible. Cloak your orientation in jargon and misdirection, offer no real help when asked for it and avoid clear and concise action plans like the plague.

What does it all mean? The easiest way to fail at putting together an effective sales team is to skip your research, ignore your weaknesses, skimp on the hiring process and use carrier pigeons to communicate with your new hires. If you’re diligent and follow each of these steps, you’re guaranteed to end up with one of the worst sales teams that mankind has ever known.

Of course if you’re interested in putting together a fantastic group of high achievers, you may want to take a different approach. Check out the CompTIA Sales Toolkit, which offers value-rich, practical information and guidance. From daily tasks to key performance indicators and long-term goals, the toolkit offers all the resources you’ll need to achieve sales success. It’s easy to follow along with, helping you complete a comprehensive process that outlines all aspects of the challenges you’ll face. It offers something for everyone on the sales team, allowing you to strengthen the skills needed to meet your long-term business goals.


The Toolkit is available at no additional cost to CompTIA Premier Members. The program offers a host of benefits to MPS and MSPs alike. Bes sure to check it out and sign up today!  

About the Author: Lisa Person

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