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Case Study Focus: TOGL and MetroMSP

5 Nov, 2013

Bob Michie founded MetroMSP to serve the technology needs of small and medium businesses in the Northern New Jersey market. MetroMSP focuses primarily on companies with between 10-50 seats and Metro’s goal is to provide customers with total IT support. As Bob likes to say, “If it has a plug, we will take care of it.”

MetroMSP’s vision is to manage of all their customers’ IT requirements so the clients can focus on their customers and their business. MetroMSP doesn’t want to be called when things break; they like to keep things from breaking in the first place.

The Cloud Opportunity

Like many companies, MetroMSP’s customers have aging infrastructure that needs to be refreshed. Some also face significant security risks based on critical infrastructure that resides in unsecure locations with little or no disaster recovery capability. Customers can either invest in new equipment, or explore other alternatives. MetroMSP’s customers have heard about cloud computing and are interested to see if they should extend from on-premise infrastructure to a cloud model. The challenge is that these customers don’t know what the right cloud solution can and can’t do and they depend on their “Virtual CIO” Bob Michie to help guide them safely through the technology minefield.

One of MetroMSP’s customers, Integrium, was facing just such a decision point with their aging infrastructure. Integrium was looking at a cost between $150k and $175k to refresh their server and networking infrastructure.  A cloud offering was extremely attractive to Integrium as long as MetroMSP could present a solution that was comprehensive, easy to use, affordable, and scalable for Integri um’s anticipated growth.

MetroMSP had to make its own decision about how to deliver their cloud offering. Very quickly MetroMSP ruled out the possibility of a “Do It Yourself” cloud offering. They analyzed the cost and complexity of building out their own multi geography datacenter footprint combined with the challenge of building or buying a software platform to enable secure application delivery to their diverse customer base. They determined the fastest and most reliable path forward was to partner with a Cloud Service Provider.

TOGLcloud Provides The Answer

MetroMSP chose to partner with TOGLcloud after doing significant diligence, because TOGL provided the best overall cloud solution in the market today specifically focused on supporting Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and resellers.  One of the most important considerations for MetroMSP was working with a cloud provider that was able to provide the level of service and customized support required.  MetroMSP was looking for more than just a pile of cloud servers. TOGL provided MetroMSP a turnkey cloud environment for their client, backed by all Level 2 & 3 support, so that MetroMSP could easily migrate and support their client.

TOGL was able to provide MetroMSP a comprehensive platform that delivers on-demand access to applications, files, email and collaboration tools through a Webtop that allows clients to access their data and applications from any device at any time.  This increased compatibility for MetroMSP’s customers was a huge plus; the 30% improvement in productivity was a windfall.

One of the biggest concerns MetroMSP had about cloud solutions is security. TOGLcloud has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today. TOGL leverages world-class, highly secure data centers, and adds layers of security systems to provide compliance for HIPAA, PCI and other requirements. Multiple geographically dispersed locations ensure that TOGL will remain operational regardless of the situation including natural disasters or system failures.

All of the reasons that MetroMSP selected TOGL were highlighted during last year’s devastating Hurricane Sandy. MetroMSP had many customers affected by the hurricane including some that had their facility wiped out completely. All the MetroMSP customers who were running on TOGLcloud maintained connectivity to their applications and data throughout the disaster even though one customer’s facility lost its roof and many others went without Internet and power for more than a week.

TOGLcloud provided MetroMSP a complete cloud strategy in a box.  TOGLcloud allowed MetroMSP to do everything from provision servers to deploy new clients and applications, all within an interface that reinforces Metro’s value and brand. TOGL delivered a solution that integrated both the clients’ standardized and line-of-business software without the complexities of data center management or complex licensing schemes.

TOGL’s world’s best marketing and sales coaching and training was the icing on the cake, yielding a profitable and growing cloud practice for MetroMSP.


Bob Michie is president & co-founder of MetroMSP. Bob defines the technology strategy and initiative critical to achieving MetroMSP’s corporate goals & is behind the company's approach to overcoming complex technology challenges faced in today's business environment.  TOGL, LLC is located in Las Vegas, NV. Contact them at: 800-626-8277 or http://sales@toglcloud.com or http://www.toglcloud.com

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