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China: Threat or Opportunity?

3 Mar, 2014 By: David Gibbons

In December 2013, China became only the third country to land on the moon, and the government boasts it will send a person on the moon, this decade—only the second nation to achieve the result, and something the current generation has never seen.

Space physicist and a pioneer of British space research, Professor Ken Pounds, says it may very well be a political statement of Beijing’s growing economic and scientific clout.

“What the Chinese are now showing more than any other nation,” he says, “is the determination to actually get on with space exploration and they are making quite rapid progress.” He believes it will be a great boost for space exploration if the Chinese mission is successful. I am not sure all Americans would agree.

There are many who are concerned that some American brands like General Motors are doing better in China than at home.  Not only is China firmly positioned among the top economic powers of the world when it comes to GDP, consumer spending, purchasing power and the size of the economy, but various websites1 have calculators predicting when China will overtake the United States, sometime in the next three years.

We should not forget that it was the Chinese that invented paper, ink and block printing.  It’s in their very DNA to be innovative. Now that they are moving out of the decades of inventive darkness, you can be sure their engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs will not only catch up, but will move ahead of other world powers. Was this not also true for Japan some 50 years ago? And China will also realize, at that time, the importance of intellectual property rights.

Why am I telling you this?  I think we can have one of two attitudes toward the rise and rise of China—the country that now manufactures and supplies the clothes you wear and the devices you use. You can bury your head in the ground and complain about the take over, or you can look for the opportunities beyond the horizon.

Dale Carnegie once shared the anecdote, “Two men looked out from prison bars. One saw the mud, the other saw stars.” It’s really all about where you place your vision.

As an Australian now living and working in China, I am developing a respect for the work ethic and sheer determination of the Chinese people. In just two years, where I am living, I have seen the construction of a railway station and infrastructure, linking Zhuhai to the very fast train national network—from scratch. And it’s now up and running very successfully as the trains exceed 180 miles per hour (300 km/hr).

For more information, I am presenting at the ITEX Expo in March in Las Vegas. I will share interesting facts, trends and quirks about China, the “genie in the bottle” - the printing consumables industry in China, doing business in China, and how it affects the rest of us. I will address information such as: What significance and impact do Chinese manufacturers really have on the global print consumables industry? To what extent are Chinese companies really affected by the recent Canon GEO? What key information do international companies need to know before doing business with, and dealing with Chinese companies?

ITEX Session: D7: West Meets East: An Inside Look at the Chinese Consumables Market / Speaker | David Gibbons  | Director, Communications | Recycling Times Media  March 13, 2014 | 1:00pm - 1:50pm 

David Gibbons is Director of the Recycling Times Media Corporation, based in China. Recycling Times magazine is in separate English, Spanish and Chinese monthly news and views editions, in addition to their large trade show in China, RemaxAsia, with exhibitors from 82 countries.

About the Author: David Gibbons

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