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Emerging Green Office Technologies

6 Jun, 2013 By: Dr. Satwant Kaur, First Lady of Emerging Technologies

One of the big costs run a business continues to be energy and other resource consumptions. As always, we look to Dr. Satwant Kaur, First Lady of Emerging Technologies, to inform us on Emerging Green Office Technologies and how they can bring down costs of energy and other resources.

[imageSource] What technology trends do you see for Sustainability and Green IT?

[SATWANT] There are many green technologies trends that help with sustainable environments such as:

•             Going digital and paperless by using cloud

•             Becoming Mobile with cloud storages rather than USB and other local storage

•             Utilization of Automation to control consumption at offices

•             Self-sustainment of energy wherever possible

•             Eco Modes for energy efficiencies in workforce devices

[imageSource] List some emerging green technologies to help us follow trends for a sustainable environment.

[SATWANT] There are many emerging green technologies that enterprises can adopt to improve energy efficiency and sustainability including:

•             Fax Servers instead of traditional paper consuming fax machines to send & receive faxes from e-mail inbox instead.

•             Wireless Paper Scanners to scan directly into the cloud instead of local storages. Scanning documents will create files on cloud servers that are searchable & easy to find.

•             Server Virtualization in the cloud to utilize powerful servers instead of traditional multiple servers in order to reduce electricity consumption.

•             Office Energy Management Systems and Automated Facilities Energy Management.

•             Smartphone apps that enable management of resource consumption.

•             Gamification Technologies that use game-themed apps to make sustainability fun.

•             Smart Devices that can be controlled remotely from the palm of your hand.

•             Solar Power Mobile Devices & mobile chargers will help with sustainability.

•             Intelligent Sustainable Lighting solutions that have low power consumption for significant energy savings without sacrificing light quality.

[imageSource] Can you tell us about some Environment Friendly office practices to reduce waste and pollution?

[SATWANT] There are practices that can be followed beyond just turning off the lights and monitors, adjusting the thermostat and recycling including:

•             Measure Real time office building’s indoor air quality, energy consumption, photovoltaic power production and water levels.

•             Use windows that maximize daylight.

•             Use of digital electronic tools & electronic documents instead of print.

•             Use of multi-functional products instead of multiple single function devices.

•             Utilize devices’ sleep mode configuration when not in use by using Eco Mode.

[imageSource] Tell us more about ECO modes.

[SATWANT] We should set our devices to Eco Mode. More and more equipment is coming with this feature. Eco Modes can automatically cut down device energy costs with minimal monitoring or management needed by minimizing how long devices are plugged into office electricity sockets.

Most Eco Modes on devices have 3 levels of energy-saving settings which do not interfere with the performance of device but activates only when the device is idle. This way, devices in Eco Mode use less energy when a machine is inactive. Pressing a button brings them to life. Here are 3 general levels:

•             Panel Off: The user panel screen saves energy by turning off panel light upon  inactivity.

•             Energy Save: An energy-efficient sleep mode upon inactivity.

•             Auto Off: Sleep mode, set by timer.

[imageSource] Tell us what enterprises can do to with emerging technologies to improve sustainability performance.

[SATWANT] There are many ways. Let’s talk about technologies enabling Sustainable Performance Management, Technologies to Resource Monitoring and Efficiency, and Thin Storage Technologies.

Technologies Enabling Sustainable Performance Management:

•             Manage and measure consumption of energy, water, waste, and other resources as well as processes such as storage or distribution. This visibility and feedback across the enterprise will help ensure that sustainable practices are embedded in their operations.

Technologies to Resource Monitoring and Efficiency:

•             Instrumentation technologies can be employed to capture consumption information.

•             Software can be used for aggregating, managing and analyzing captured information.

•             Sustainability reporting technologies can aggregate information & report performance metrics to the decision makers.

Thin Storage Technologies:

•             Not all Enterprise storage holds data. Not all Applications use the space allocated to them. All this is a waste of resources. Thin provisioning cuts storage capacity. Expect it to bring more efficiency and high performance.

•             “Thin” provides simple data mobility across clusters of storage systems without downtime. Thin reclamation technology hunts down waste and returns that capacity to the system for use by other applications.

[imageSource] Do you see any existing office technologies that will be gone as new trends pick up?

[SATWANT] Yes, there are many office devices and tools that consume resources such as paper, desk space and energy, etc., that are becoming more obsolete as new green technology trends come into play. Some of these are:

•             Tape Recorders are replaced by new audio storage technologies embedded in our hand-held devices.

•             Fax machines are replaced by digital fax servers that need no paper.

•             Rolodex systems are replaced by electronic contacts organized within Internet and application mail software.

•             Business Cards and forms are replaced by electronic signatures and sharing of contacts with Bluetooth or wireless M2M communications.

•             Desk phones are secondary to hand-held PDA’s that will carry not just  communication, but computing and instrumentation abilities on one device.

•             Desktop computers are replaced by cloud servers, laptops and tablets that conserve energy and go wherever you go!

Dr. Satwant Kaur is hailed as the “First Lady of Emerging Technologies” in Silicon Valley, Media, and the industry worldwide. Her TV & Radio show interviews are broadcast worldwide. Dr. Kaur has 20+ years’ experience in the emerging technology arena. She received her doctorate in Mobile IP technologies from Oakland University in Michigan, and also holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India. Dr. Kaur expresses her own personal views in all communications & is not endorsed nor reflects any views by any 3rd-party affiliation, organization, or employer. At satwant@drsatwantkaur.com & satwantkaur.com. (Full bio “About Author” on www.imagesourcemag.com).

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