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EO Johnson Meets Multiple Needs for Client Precision Pipeline, LLC

31 Oct, 2012

EO Johnson’s client, Precision Pipeline, has two different office needs – they have a corporate office as well as individual job site offices. Both have very different office equipment needs. The job site offices are operational for the duration of the construction project, and while they are functional they must meet all necessary office productivity needs.

Precision Pipeline looks to EO Johnson to coordinate the delivery, set up & readiness of the office copiers and multifunction units. With a two-person IT department at Precision Pipeline, IT Manager Eric Nordquist values what EO Johnson brings to the table.

“One of the reasons I can function as a very small IT department is because I have a partner like EO Johnson,” Nordquist said. “We have between three and four machines at each job site office that need to be set up, and they handle that.”

The needs at Precision Pipeline’s corporate office are different. They have implemented a Managed Print Services program that has met their unique needs.

A Unique Managed Print Services Program
Whereas one would expect a Managed Print Services program to consolidate printers, many of Precision Pipeline’s 25 employees at their corporate office have their own printers. “It’s just part of our culture for many individual users to have their own printer, and it works for us,” Nordquist said. “The invaluable part of Managed Print Services for me is the networking of the printers and the automatic ordering and troubleshooting.”

The program ties all the printers to the company server so Nordquist can manage the printers at a central point, wherever he is as long as he has access to the system. This is particularly important when he travels, which is frequently. Without Managed Print Services pulling printers to a central control, the only option for working on printers from an IT perspective would be individually at each printer. This would be very inefficient, and when Nordquist travels the only option would be to call an external expert in – a very expensive proposition.

The program provides for two shared multifunction machines at the corporate office. These are used for scanning, faxing, and larger print jobs. The rule of thumb at Precision Pipeline’s corporate office is if a print job is more than 10 pages, employees are to print to the shared machine.

The Best Part
Nordquist has a favorite part of Precision Pipeline’s Managed Print Services program – not having to worry about errors or fixing problems. The automatic reporting directly from the machine to EO Johnson in the event of an error or supply need frees up Nordquist’s time from chasing errors or supplies to dealing with higher level IT issues. “If there is an error,EO Johnson is notified electronically and a service call is dispatched,” Nordquist said. “And the same thing occurs when the machines need toner. The message is automatically sent to EO Johnson and the supply is ordered. These are important time-savers for me.”

Nordquist also appreciates getting the detail on the errors from EO Johnson instead of his end user. Coming from EO Johnson the information is exact and meaningful to him whereas if it came from an end user, it might lack the technical detail he needs.

“I like the Managed Print Services program best when I am on the road,” Nordquist said. “If it is a network issue that I need to address, I can do it from anywhere, and I can fix things right away. If it is an error or a supply needs to be ordered, that automatically happens regardless of where I am.”

Precision Pipeline LLC  Business Profile
Precision Pipeline LLC is a full service pipeline contractor. They lay oil and natural gas lines, and their focus is on large lines (verses residential neighborhoods). The company performs all aspects of pipeline construction and has created significant market presence across the U.S. Precision Pipeline’s home office is in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and they have job site offices wherever they have a construction site. Typically they have three to five job sites active at a time, and the sites can be anywhere throughout the United States. At each job site office there are between 10 and 15 people. Crews vary in size depending on the project – a smaller site can have a crew of 25 whereas a larger site can have a crew of 400. The company prides themselves on their focus on safety, productivity, and client orientated construction practices.

For detailed information on provider EO Johnson, visit the company website www.eojohnson.com.

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