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Green Computers, Among Other Things...

28 Aug, 2014 By: Sand Sinclair, Editor

With all the talk of global sustainability, the "green movement" in business is still evolving as more organizations engage with conscientious customers who want to do business with companies "that care" about the environment, the "big global picture."  This sentiment is seen in almost every country today, and every sector or vertical marketplace imaginable.

More and more businesses are influenced to sell to, or become, a “green offices” as the workforce, and your growing customer list fuels the demand for cleaner products that are eco- friendly or less toxic or hazardous. They expect manufacturers and vendors to create them, and that dealers, resellers and distributors will provide them. The want the option of these type products in the product mix they buy from today.

What about the individual, however, that wants to do his/her part in a smaller way? There are lots of energy saving tasks one can employ in their own office.  Individuals can customize settings to make their office, dealership, even their personal computers (PC) and printers more energy-efficient to help reduce environmental impact, i.e., reduce your carbon footprint.

Power Down, Savings Up

Powering down computers; unplugging devices, including copier machines, all save cost and energy but a technology-driven company like iYogi or Spectranet, among others can help you operate your PC in a much more environmentally friendly manner.  Think about bringing in a dedicated green technical specialist who will configure your PC settings so your computer runs using less energy over the short and long run, not just turning it off but finding multi-areas you’d never even expect, etc.  If your office or facility has many employees with lots of computers, this is a big deal in saving energy and costs at the same time. MFP's can be adjusted as well. Their is a list of devices to consider, actually, it's just "doing it."

Using/selling green-friendly office equipment and toners, and the use of electronic document management software instead of printing mounds of paper, will help save cost, time, energy as well as trees and lumber. By addressing the increasing demands for eco-sustainability business practices, you are taking charge of what's around you.

When you think about it, any of steps, large or small, collectively become “larger” as others adapt to this type thinking and action… enabling everyone to do their/your part in the march forward to green as many businesses around the world as possible.

About the Author: Sand Sinclair, Editor

Sand Sinclair, Editor

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