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It’s December; Great Time to Move Boxes!

2 Dec, 2013 By: David Ramos

I know what you are thinking; I follow up articles on emerging technologies ...( http://www.imagesourcemag.com/industry-news/gains-3-d-printing-technologies ) and new market opportunities’ (http://Toshiba Digital Signage) with a title referencing MFD’s. This was prompted by a conversation I had recently with a company owner and he shared his anticipating a slow December and how he was planning for a “seasonal slowdown.”  I encouraged him not to accept this “sales excuse” especially given it was the opportune time to capitalize on a time of the year where typically morale is high regardless of the economy, world events, and all things beyond our control. 

My career sales experience has been that December is an enormous month for delivering sales revenues, and part of it is driven by a focus on key activities to maximize the pipeline of sales opportunities that we have built up over the entire year.  Regardless of marketing budget and resources, here are a few ideas you can execute to drive sales to close out 2013 strong - and you don’t need a lot of time to do it.

  • Direct mail – Everyone is telling you revamp your website, get someone to handle the SEO work, create a social media presence and here I am telling you to use snail mail.  Before you snicker, know that physical mail can actually have more impact than email marketing because the target audience cannot simply click and delete the item because they must first look it over.  I’m not telling you to blindly mail your database of customers and prospects; I’m saying to use all that “stuff” on your demo room floor you are trying to sell to others by creating highly personalized, color print campaigns targeting decision makers.  I know, it’s not exactly a novel concept to use the technology you sell to other businesses to drive more sales nevertheless you might be surprised how few are actually leveraging it consistently, no better time to start than now.
  • Create an enticing offer – What, you think zero percent interest actually exists?  I’m not telling you to come up with an outrageous campaign that has no truth to it but I am saying to come up with a campaign that prompts the decision maker at an organization to want to meet with you in December.
    • Tax benefit: Many purchases can be used as a tax deduction.
    • Excess budget: They may need to spend the money in fear they won't be allotted that amount in their budget for the ensuing year.
    • Over budget: Offer delayed payment options that won't have to be made through the first quarter of the New Year.
    • December spirit: People are disposed to spend money. Look at the retail industry. You just need to find an exclusive message or persuasive selling point that fits into the holiday spirit.
  • Host an open house via a technology showcase – There is nothing like a gathering to bring people together. An event hosted in your location is a great way to celebrate the season with prospects and customers, plus you get a captive audience to showcase your success with the technology you sell to help companies achieve their goals. You provide the food and the space, and the invitees take care of the rest.
  • Support a charity – It’s no secret that there are a lot of people struggling today and partnering with customers and prospects to support people under difficult a circumstance is a worthy cause and creates goodwill. 

Seize the opportunity December brings to do some good, develop and foster relationships with clients/prospects and the byproduct will be increased revenue and sales momentum for 2014.




David Ramos is Director, Channel Strategy Service, InfoTrends http://www.infotrends.com  Visit imageSource Archives for more Ramos' articles & blogs, including on 3D Printing and recent Toshiba event review, among others: http://blog.infotrends.com/?p=13354

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