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Marketing and B2B Lead Generation

3 Feb, 2015 By: Kathy Vogler, PERRY proTECH

I’ve been reading a lot lately on how B2C teams can take lessons from B2B – but honestly, we can learn from one another.  In fact, the consumer market is leading many industries by the nose now, when before BYOD (bring your own device) existed, that was not a factor.  Consumers are using social media at crazy levels today, both at home and at work.  The lines are totally blurred.

I think it’s important to take a step back now and then to look at the fundamental basics of marketing and/or sales strategies. When we go back to the beginning, we’re reminded of where our targets are or what our key agenda is; what anchors our plan – then we can build from there.  Just like swimming, the basic motions don’t really change over the years – maybe the temperature of the water or the materials of your suit, but the essentials are the same - face in the water, arms and legs moving, then repeat to advance forward.  The fundamentals are the same.

The biggest challenge for any marketer is to generate high quality leads that will translate into business.  All those other numbers are just analytics until they /you make something happen.  Regardless of what types of online social media campaigns or strategies that a company uses, surveys and studies show that the most effective marketing plans  rely on email and (your) website.  And always remember, if your content messaging is not “awesome,” and truly informative, people won’t look at it, or at least not often.  Your content needs to be all about what the client wants and needs to solve their business issues - not just what you are trying to sell.

In my case, and depending on which portion of the business that I am dealing with, (and the responsiveness and buy in of the reps in that branch of the business) most of our marketing programs convert roughly to 5-10% to business.  If you don’t know what your conversion rate is, you need to start tracking.  I am quite happy with this number, and as a former “sales” person, know that often you have to make dozens of calls to get one or a few semi-warm conversations. 

Good Content

A recent study by Content Marketing Institute shows that the most effective, overall lead generation tactic used by marketers is (still) the company website.  How often do you post new material to yours? Let me repeat, that it is all about GOOD CONTENT to be truly professional. Do you know that Google even looks at spelling and grammar?  Your content will not be Google-worthy if it’s poorly written or produced.  In addition, a lot of confusing images and too much text is not good content; it’s just busy.  Can you hold your visitor on the page long enough to show there’s interest?  Is this content blasted everywhere, indiscriminately?  If so, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Google hates to see the same materials over and over again on other pages or on other sites. How quickly does your content load?  If you frustrate your visitors you are not doing your job or keeping their needs front and center of your work.  And is your company’s content mobile-friendly?

There will always be obstacles to overcome such as not enough budget, management buy in, sales team disregard of the lead process, but don’t focus on those.  Instead, focus on what you can control; work with what you have.  If I have two sales people and one of them jumps all over the leads and closes deals while the other rep complains that the list of leads is lousy  –  can you blame me for sending as many leads as possible to the rep that is responsive?  Bottom line – it’s in the best interest of the company. 

Importantly, try to keep your sales team in the loop on most everything you do that relates to them. Be available to assist, lead, converse.  And, finally, let me close with this suggestion –  allocate as much of your available budget as possible to your lead generation program.  When that is successful, everything else improves.  

Kathy Vogler is Director of Marketing for PERRY proTech, a leading dealership/solutions provider in the USA.       For company info visit http://www.perryprotech.com

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