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Neopost USA Solutions Help California County Establish Mailroom Controls, Track Usage & Save Money

4 Sep, 2014


Neopost USA’s customer, a California county government, needed to implement employee controls in its mailroom operations. This government did not have a dedicated mailroom staff; instead, the mailroom was used by 50 county employees who operated on an unreliable honor system. Employees from departments across this regional government wrote down the amount of postage they spent whenever they visited the mailroom; one individual was responsible for typing the mailroom use information into a database. Managing expenses and implementing process improvements was almost impossible under those circumstances.

The two biggest challenges were managing postage expenses from dozens of departments and monitoring each individual who used postage or shipped a package. Our customer’s goals were to reduce postage expenses countywide and to ensure that postage was being coded correctly and attributed to the proper source on a campus of 15 buildings throughout the city where county operations were located.

The customer was ready to upgrade its existing system and wanted to see a demonstration. However, geographical hurdles (the customer’s offices were 150 miles away from the Neopost USA office) and logistical stipulations (bring the live demonstration to the customer’s location, set it up, ensure it was operating correctly, run the demonstration, tear it down and return to home base) made the process difficult. Nevertheless, the Neopost USA team rose to the challenge.


Because our customer was looking for a mailing, shipping and accounting solution, the team presented the IS-5000 Mailing System coupled with a 30-pound scale, conveyor stacker, EMS with multi-carrier shipping software and a 21-inch touch-screen monitor.


The demonstration was a success. The presentation, originally planned for an hour, lasted three hours. The team’s scope of knowledge and depth of experience, coupled with the mailing system it demonstrated, helped Neopost USA secure this customer.

The Neopost USA team showed our customer several benefits of the hardware and software:

- Creating user names and profiles for each user helps reduce postage, identify the departments and

individuals to whom costs should be allocated and eliminate improper accounting codes.

- Easy reporting functions and user-validation features simplify processes and add visibility and control to the customer’s mail center spending.

-The ability to save a report in a format that could be used for multiple purposes. The days of entering and re-entering information manually were gone forever.

-Integrating data into existing systems.

-Consolidating USPS services for reporting purposes.

One fortuitous selling point: The Neopost USA sales team set-up the solution for the live demonstration without the help of a company tech team. That utilitarian procedure convinced the customer of the solution’s simple assembly and installation.


Eliminating obvious pain points – process improvements, mailroom user validation, identifying mailroom-related expenses and allocating expenses to appropriate departments – was the return our customer was looking for.

The Neopost USA team listened to the customer, provided guidance and ultimately sold a tailored solution that our customer needed to save money in its formerly unsupervised mailroom and time during its reconciliation process.

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