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OEMs Share Insights with Remanufacturers at CIFEX/RemaxAsia Event

18 Oct, 2012

Zhuhai, China- October 2012 - History was made when delegates from Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, Lexmark and others printer makers formally shared insights and concerns with their aftermarket competitors— toner and ink cartridge remanufacturers. The one-day http://Conference@2012 forum held in Zhuhai, China, preceded CIFEX|RemaxAsia, the world’s largest computer printing exposition. The Conference attracted 192 delegates, including representatives from the major original equipment makers (OEMs). It succeeded in giving voice to concerns of interest to both sides of the replacement cartridge industry.

While OEMs and aftermarket distributors of remanufactured cartridges have battled each other for market share these past 25 years, they held joint discussions on Sunday, September 23, over at least one area of common interest: cleansing the market of illegal compatible cartridges. Called by a variety of names—clones, new molds, counterfeits—these unauthorized products, many of which infringe OEM patents, are draining sales income from OEMs and rechargers alike.

Lexmark’s Andrew Gardner kicked off the forum session by defining the various replica cartridges challenging legitimate OEM and aftermarket products. He explained the penalties that could be imposed upon those who make, use or sell these false products. Clones, for example, may be subject to a charge of patent infringement which involves civil action and complaints with fiscal penalties.

Clones that are sold or offered for sale, in the trade dress of an OEM cartridge are subject to criminal action, including fines, penalties and possibly jail time. These are counterfeits as they are designed to trick the buyer into believing they are true, OEM products. Gardner displayed photographs showing truckloads of illegal cartridges that have been seized by local police and agents of the FBI.

The term “compatible” is less specific and could be either a legal or an illegal product that performs as a drop-in replacement for an OEM cartridge. However, many compatibles are too weakly designed, or poorly constructed to withstand the rigors of repeated remanufacturing operations.
Gardner also explained the difference between a limited exclusion order and a general exclusion order that might be imposed by the International Trade Commission and enforced by U.S. Customs authorities. These orders prevent the import of products that infringe existing U.S. patents or violate intellectual property rights.

Dr. Ed Dalal of Xerox noted color printing is becoming more prevalent as digital desktop printers and digital presses proliferate in the marketplace. Mr. Bobo Wang traced the history of non-impact printing hardware and technology, bringing us up-to-date on his revolutionary LED printer which he claims will surpass ink and laser printers to become the most used printing technology for the next 50 years. Speaking of the future for offset lithography versus digital printing processes, Dr. Xiao Ying Rong of California Polytechnic predicted offset presses will continue to dominate the field for print jobs above 1,500 impressions while digital devices (laser and LED) will be preferred for task involving less than 1,500 impressions.
By the time Conference@2012 ended, attendees realized that a coalition of OEMs and aftermarket companies is an achievable goal that offers to educate dealers, distributors and consumers worldwide on how to identify and avoid illegal cartridges.

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