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Predictive Maintenance and the Future of Power Management

31 Aug, 2015 By: Dave Perrotta

As we progress an increasingly connected and IoT-driven future, a more symbiotic relationship between hardware, software and networking is inevitable. One thing that will never change, however, is the need to power it all.

Power management solutions are undergoing an evolution to meet new challenges as well, with 24/7 connectivity, non-sacrificial power protection, flexible networking options, advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance, all of which can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Predictive Maintenance

As far as energy intelligence goes, predictive maintenance is just gaining a foothold in the imaging industry. Put simply, predictive maintenance involves the collection of power-related data in real time to identify an issue before it becomes a problem. For instance, if a circuit is being overloaded, or if a device is drawing significantly more power versus a base line, both scenarios indicate a looming disruption or potential equipment failure. Predictive maintenance can also be coupled with automatic cycling of power to devices and the management of power functions based on pre-set conditions to improve the efficiency, performance and stability of imaging products.

Predictive maintenance tools are made all the more valuable when combined with a remote power management solution, which enables instant troubleshooting when a disruption or issues arises. Remote management services can lower costs and improve operational efficiency (i.e. uptime) while giving a snapshot view of power conditions overall, from anywhere at any time.

To go a step further, ESP/SurgeX intelligent power devices record and track electrical anomalies, analyze the data, and send instant alerts when a problem needs action. The advancement towards connectivity has challenged our engineers to create power management solutions that can be used on-site, remotely, behind a firewall and in a secure fashion via the cloud. There’s great demand for a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Since many businesses are already struggling with multiple operating systems and software platforms; solutions need to integrate with existing infrastructure to avoid creating another data sinkhole. If we are not teaching the industry how to use power related data to solve real-world problems, the information will simply exist with no purpose.

Tangible ROI

To put it in financial terms, if a power management device can provide analytics to show it increases the efficiency of a printer, scanner, server or other connected equipment by showing it prevents downtime, saves energy and reduces incremental service costs in both labor and parts, there is tangible ROI. And this doesn’t take into account the potential savings from fixing power issues proactively.

Assuming a business already has a functioning network infrastructure, there are very few technical challenges to implementing a predictive maintenance solution as part of a networked power management platform. The primary challenge is to determine how the analytics should be disseminated and acted upon. Organizations can quickly become paralyzed by “information overload” if a plan is not in place to properly use the data for its intended purpose.

Over the course of 30 years, ESP/SurgeX has become an expert in this area and has the resources to help partners understand how power data can be used for predictive maintenance. An investment in smart power management is one of the safest investments a business can make, and now with predictive maintenance technology, it’s more valuable than ever.


Dave Perrotta is COO of ESP/SurgeX, a leader in energy intelligence & power protection products. Portfolio offers complete AC power solutions for surge protection, power conditioning, diagnostic analysis, and control of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment to improve equipment performance, profitability, and ROI. At www.espei.com.

About the Author: Dave Perrotta

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