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Transforming Information into Meaningful Business Sustainability Action

26 Feb, 2014

Julie Urlaub, Founder of Taiga Company, has lots to continually share on business sustainabillity. Starting with this incredible insight:  For years, even before the business sustainability boom, mainstream media has been researching and writing about knowledge management.  From the basic collection of information to the resulting motivated action, our sustainability consulting practice attempts to sift through the array of parallel efforts to define best knowledge management practices.  Today, our research leads us to define the difference between applicable information and the overabundant noise.

In this search, our sustainability consulting is reminded of the Research and Development Leadership Council post, Avoiding the 4 Pitfalls of Data Analysis.  Herein, the author explains that there is an analytical approach to business sustainability, in particular sustainable innovation.  Information is everywhere and it is coming at us from every direction.  To sort through this issue, the article demonstrates how we may not be able to choose the information, but we can choose our metrics and methods of data collection.  The author advises that companies consider the following when doing data acquisition and analysis:

Reliability of the source: Don’t take any data at face value, and consider the source. Is the information anecdotal? Ask yourself if the source has a potential bias. Are you relying only on the opinions of others?

Extrapolation: Your team may be drawn to one data point that helps you reach a desired result, but you have to look at the whole picture rather than partial datasets. Seek out external experts’ opinions to avoid conclusions that flow from a single data point.

Relationships: Looking for relationships between variables can help you focus on the solutions that will have the greatest impact.

Recommendations: Don’t be hasty when drawing conclusions from your analysis. Make sure you aren’t assuming the mean is representative of the entire set.

Within our sustainable business programs, we have discovered that the business world has become saturated with ‘sustainability’ advice and business examples.  It is often confusing, to the untrained eye, to distinguish not only between the good and the bad but what is actually applicable to a specific business scenario.  For this very reason, we point to stakeholder engagement as a critical component for information validation.  We believe that it is less important to study others than it is to listen to one’s own business sustainability stakeholder community.

The sustainability consultants of Taiga Company encourage our clients to leverage technology to engage business stakeholders and get your company on a path to greater business sustainability.  We provide professional consulting and business services to build social media engagement strategies which add specific value to our clients' sustainability plans.   See more at:


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