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Sand Sinclair , Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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Tried Landing a Job Using Social Media Yet?

15 Jan, 2014 By: Sand Sinclair, Editor

Okay, seems there is a lot of info on the benefits of social media marketing, but what about marketing yourself? Believe me, social media has become a mainstay in the employment game. Naturally, it is one of the places recruiters check for leads and human resources directors can screen candidates based on some key information found on networking sites. Thus your online profile has become as nearly important as your resume today.

So now that we are in the digital age, you need to enhance your best chances at landing an interview or finding a good candidate for your company. Here are some good areas to focus on:

As most employers do online searches on candidates before extending an interview or job offer be sure to keep your online profiles on social sites up to date and thorough. Recruiters/employers want to have deep knowledge on areas related to their organization, so need specifics. Then you have the likelihood of getting a call back.

Another thing, look for social media “windows” to access on the Internet yourself. Does the President or VP of the company you are interested in have a blog? Do they tweet? Get on their radar by writing and leaving interesting comments to make yourself more visible for name recognition.

Also, instead of posting about what happened at a party or casual information that is inconsequential, create a footprint that puts you in a capable, more professional light. By this I mean spotlight some of your work online and share your endeavors, the successful outcome, which is always good for potential employers or new candidates to see. People notice outgoing achievers.  I’m not talking adding anything about sports or pleasure pursuits as a side note...but keeping to discussing business tasks, or networking at related business events, or social activity at community events in your professional marketplace or trade. Keep the information related to what you do; the places, events, the people, the product.

Another tip if you are a job seeker is to research and seek out prospective employers in your industry who are actually leveraging social media to spread their employment brand. With a little bit of research and creativity, you can put yourself in front of these innovative organizations that are cultivating dedicated 'employment outreach' through their social media efforts designed specifically for recruiting new hires.

Bottom line is, attracting an employer's attention with social media is a smart move because employers want to hire people that already love their company. But don’t get too casual online with your social media content. Keep it professional on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and such. After all, your future boss or hire may be reading all about what you’re writing online to get a feeling about who you really are.

About the Author: Sand Sinclair, Editor

Sand Sinclair, Editor

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