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To Whom It May Concern: Getting Into the Mind of Your Prospects

4 Sep, 2014 By: Darrell Amy, Dealer Marketing Systems

Today’s content-driven marketing strategy has smart marketers writing content for their blogs and social media.  Yes, Google indexes this content, which is a good thing for companies that want to get found online.  However, in the middle of all of this content creation it’s easy to lose touch with the actual reader, your target prospect.  

Smart salespeople know that they better not waste their prospect’s time with information that is not relevant to them.  Similarly, smart marketers know the importance of sharing relevant information.  In the spirit of sharing relevant information, let’s explore three types of decision makers and what is important to them.


Owners are presidents, CEO’s, Presidents or Founders.  Many company leaders started in sales.  Success to them usually means revenue growth.  Talk to a business owner about their business and you’ll hear things like, “We want to get to $30 million this year,” or “We grew the business by 35% last year.”  If you want to connect with an owner, you need to talk in terms of helping them grow the business.  This can be a challenge for dealers that primarily sell technology infrastructure and service that can typically be seen as expenses to be managed by the financial managers.

To communicate with an owner you need to think outside the box about ways you can help their company grow.  You might share ideas on how technology can be used to help them get into new markets or grow without having to add additional staff.  Look at your portfolio of products and services and consider ways they could be applied to allow a company to grow.

Financial Managers

Financial managers like a CFO, VP of Finance or Controller see success more in terms of the bottom line.  While an owner likes to think about revenue, financial decision makers like thinking about profit.  In particular, this means managing expenses.  Instead of talking about numbers, financial decision makers talk more about percentages:  “We reduced over overhead expenses to 18% of revenue,” or “We brought 12% to the bottom line.” 

As technology services providers there are many things you can do to help financial decision makers achieve their goal of managing expenses.  From managed services that allow them to outsource core functions to workflow solutions that streamline business processes and leasing services that free up capital, you have all kinds of ways that you can help companies manage and reduce expenses.  Share these ideas in your content.

I.T. Managers

CIO’s, COO’s or I.T. Managers are concerned about the smooth operation of the company.  While the owner defines success as revenue growth and the financial manager defines success as profitability, the I.T. decision maker defines success as stability.  They recognize that for a company to function well there needs to be a stable foundation of technology and processes that operate smoothly.  I.T. decision makers care about three things:  stability, standardization and scalability. 

How can you help their infrastructure become more stable with remote monitoring services or proactive supply replenishment?  I.T. managers know that standardizing on a specific technology makes the user experience better and support much easier.  How can you help improve the operation of a business?  These are the ideas that you can share with I.T. decision makers.

Marketers need to consider their audience when creating content.  Whether you are building a new website, creating a blog post, hosting a technology show or posting on social media, you need to think about your audience.  What’s important to them?  What ideas could you share that would be helpful? 

These are the topics and ideas that will connect.  This is the content that will get found on Google.  And this is the strategy to position your dealership as a relevant thought leader.

Darrell Amy is the Chief Innovation Officer of Dealer Marketing, a managed marketing services provider for office equipment dealers. For the past 11 years the company has provided online marketing services including website design, blogging, lead generation, search engine optimization and social media management. Learn more now and download helpful special reports at http://www.dealermarketing.net.

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