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114 Years in the Making, Texas Imaging Systems Thrives in First Year

17 Feb, 2002 By: Dustin Phillips imageSource

114 Years in the Making, Texas Imaging Systems Thrives in First Year

Imagine having 114
years experience in the office technology industry. The know-how and experience
that would be gained would allow you to make almost any dealership successful.
With that very thought in mind, Elizabeth Davidson assembled an elite core group
of individuals, with 114 years combined office technology experience in the east
Texas area office technology industry, to launch one of Texas’ newest
dealerships, Texas Imaging Systems.

Obviously, a team
with such industry experience can offer insight on how to make a dealership
succeed whether that dealership is new or old. By analyzing the programs,
decisions and goals that this experienced team incorporates, you quickly find
that the ingredients behind the success focus on customer care, exceptional
service, knowledgeable salespeople and the ability to be flexible in every
aspect of their operation.

Texas Imaging
Systems, Inc. opened its doors on January 16, 2001. Celebrating its one-year
anniversary, the dealership sells and services one of the industry’s leading
brands: Sharp. “The Sharp product line is an excellent product that represents
itself well in terms of technology and value. As one of the top three
manufacturers in the industry, we feel Sharp is the cornerstone of our success
because it is essential to have a quality product to offer customers,” said

Customer Care

Texas Imaging Systems opened its doors with ten competitors already in the
market. What sets them apart from that competition is their exceptional customer
care. “Everything we do in our organization revolves around how to serve our
customers better,” commented Davidson. Drawing from her fourteen years of
experience in office technology customer service, Davidson realizes that a
customer’s point-of-view can be drastically different from what a sales or
service technician’s is. To alleviate this difference, Texas Imaging Systems
incorporates an unparalleled commitment to flexibility when handling a
customer’s needs.

customer that we have has unique needs for how their document technology
incorporates into their business environment,” said Davidson. “As an
independent operation, we choose to be flexible, which enables us to work with
those needs, instead of around them. This allows us to offer the customer
exactly what they require in terms of their document technology, servicing needs
and billing requirements.”

Texas Imaging
Systems’ Sales Manager, Greag Modisette is aligned with Davidson on this sales
philosophy. “Most all customers need a reassurance that they are getting what
they really need. With our experience and knowledge, we are able to listen to
those needs, and provide educated solutions that are flexible enough to
accommodate virtually any business environment,” said Modisette.

The result of this
flexibility won an “Outstanding Achievement” award from Sharp Corporation
for reaching 206% of their sales quota for their first year of operation. Pretty
astonishing, when consideration is given to the soft economy of 2001, and the
fact that ten established dealerships (including another Sharp dealer) were in
direct competition with Texas Imaging Systems.


As with any new dealership, service contacts are an integral part of growing a
client base, and developing long-term relationships. Because of the local
experience that the core team has in the East Texas area, their reputation as
industry professionals and knowledgeable, friendly service technicians preceded
them. “With an excellent prior track record, Texas Imaging Systems customers
already know that we will provide them with the service they need, when they
need it,” said Modisette.

To enhance its
service, Texas Imaging Systems has developed a unique service plan program for
lease customers. Again, the flexibility that they offer is unmatched. The
customer can choose virtually any service plan option to fit the need of their
business. Whether it is a monthly, quarterly or annual agreement, or even a
cost-per-copy agreement, the customer can choose any option on any piece of
technology. In addition, the customer can change their option at any time during
the lease in the event that the organization’s needs change.

Texas Imaging
Systems also gives customers a guaranteed four-hour average response time on all
service calls. “Every aspect of Texas Imaging Systems is geared towards
flexibility for our customers,” commented Davidson. “From sales to service
we want our customers to know that we are committed and focused on providing
solutions based solely on what their needs are.”


Often when a new dealership enters into a crowded market, gaining market share
is a hurdle that many dealerships have trouble jumping. So, how did Texas
Imaging Systems prepare itself for making the jump? First, there is a
streamlined sales team that is considerably smaller than that of many other
dealerships in their area. However, this sales team is backed by an extensive
knowledge of Sharp products, and of the industry overall.

“Our sales
territory covers close to seventy miles, and has about 300,000 people located in
it. Each of our sales representatives has a specific geographical territory to
work,” stated Modisette. “Every morning, however, the sales team meets to
discuss the overall territory as a whole, allowing the entire sales team to have
a certain degree of knowledge about every aspect of the territory,” Modisette
added. With this knowledge, any sales representative can answer any questions
arising from any part of the territory.

communication among the team is only the first step. Their centrally located
facility offers a completely connected virtual office demo area, allowing
customers to experience first hand the Sharp product in a “real world”
situation before they invest resources. After customers experience the demo
room, they are guided on a complete tour of the facility, familiarizing them
with whom they are doing business with.

To enhance and
support the sales team’s efforts, Texas Imaging Systems has a consistent
marketing campaign designed to make the customer aware of who they are, and what
benefits the customer gains by dealing with them. That message is delivered
using radio media, direct mail and even by blitz cold calling. “We want people
to think of us first when they are in need of office technology. We want to let
our territory know that we are there for them. By the use of radio and blitzing,
that message is being delivered,” stated Modisette.

Achieving Goals

On January 16, 2001, Texas Imaging Systems had three main goals for their first
year of business: 1) Become an established dealership, 2) Become a leading
dealership in the Deep East Texas market, and 3) Create customer awareness.
Proudly, Davidson and her team met and surpassed those goals. Looking towards
2002 and beyond, the team has set new goals in order to grow Texas Imaging
Systems into a powerhouse of the East Texas market.

“First and
foremost, we want to aggressively grow our customer base, by maintaining our
level of customer service and satisfaction, and continued marketing efforts,”
commented Davidson. “Also, as with most new dealerships, we want to gain more
market share. Our goal is to increase our revenue and customer base by 50% each
year over the next two years.”

“By striving to
generate customer awareness and build long-term relationships, we will be able
to hit our sales goals. As a result, it is our hope that we grow our territory
and customer awareness,” said Modisette.

Experience can be a
valuable asset in the office technology environment. For Elizabeth Davidson and
her core team, 114 years of local experience developed into a tremendous first
year of business for Texas Imaging Systems. Looking forward, it is clear that
experience will be leveraged further as Texas Imaging Systems grows into one of
East Texas’ premiere office technology dealers.

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