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5 Reasons To Consider Fax Automation

26 Feb, 2008 By: Chris Norwood imageSource

5 Reasons To Consider Fax Automation

Increasing the usability of solutions you’ve already sold creates client
loyalty. Fax automation is a solution your organization can start offering
today. Here are the top five reasons you should add fax automation to your
document solutions product mix:

Easier to sell than you think

Profit margin

Market direction

Stable and reliable technology

Competitive advantage

There are two types of fax automation: outbound and inbound. Outbound fax
automation entails a computer based fax server that provides one or more of the
following: desktop faxing, fax broadcasting, e-mail faxing, application faxing,
host faxing, ERP and CRM faxing.

Inbound fax automation is the process in which faxes are received by a
computer-based fax server or fax service and delivered automatically to the
intended recipients and destinations. The most common inbound fax automation
destinations are e-mail recipients, network printers, document imaging systems,
workflow applications, document management systems and network directories or

Easier To Sell Than You Think

Starting the fax automation sales process begins with learning the answers to
the following questions.

How many standalone fax machines or devices
used for fax does the organization use? In what departments are they
strategically located?

How many faxes are being sent and received by the
entire organization based on their department or business function?

How many mission critical documents i.e. invoices,
purchase orders, legal documents, or contracts are still being sent or received
by Fed Ex, USPS mail or departmental courier?

The answers to these questions open up new lines of communication and insight
into the daily business workflow and processing of both paper and electronic
documents. More importantly, these answers form the framework for building a
price quote and determine which fax automation solution meets the customer’s

Profit Margin

Fax automation software profit margins range from twenty to forty percent.
Profit margins for fax telephony hardware or software range from fifteen to
forty percent. Industry rates for professional services, such as implementation,
training and support, range on average from $1500 to $2500 per day.

Market Direction

Fax automation solutions continue to be a strong component within the networked
office document solutions market. The majority of network enabled MFPs are now
available with fax server or fax service interfaces. The InfoTrends U.S. Network
Document Solutions Forecast: 2006-2011, provides growth forecasts for
professional I & I services, software applications, and professional consulting
marketed with networked office equipment in the United States. Their report,
focusing on software-based solutions for practical workgroup processes,
concludes that these solutions effectively integrate with workgroup-class
networked copiers, printers, fax machines, and scanners.

Stable and Reliable Technology

The computer-based fax industry has been in existence for more than 20 years.
The leading manufacturers of computer based fax solutions boast that all Fortune
500 companies in the United States utilize some form of fax automation
technology. The core technology and development tools of this industry were
developed by Intel, Microsoft, Dialogic and many other notable organizations.

Competitive Advantage and Future Requirement

Local competitors with software offerings, software developers and their
resellers are aggressively soliciting your customers daily with e-mail, webinars,
trade shows and special events. Their goal is to share expertise your
organization lacks in order to begin the dating process and get to first base
with your customers. Resellers with access to your hardware solutions are
willing to lower their hardware sales margins to sell a comprehensive solution.
Soon, offering fax automation will not distinguish you from competitors; it will
be required by your customers to retain their business.

The overall conclusion? Over the past several years, businesses in the office
solutions market have announced and launched integrated software solutions
initiatives designed to reenergize the industry, increase profitability and
differentiate their products. Promoting fax automation is a very simple way to
introduce your sales teams, product engineers and customers to new markets
directions, business sales processes and strategies.

Chris Norwood is currently Senior Business Development Manager for One
Touch Global Technologies. He started his career in computer-based fax
automation more than 15 years ago and has held the positions of Chief Technical
Officer, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, Competitive Analyst, Technical
Trainer & Director of Technical Support for several of the nation’s leading fax
server developers & resellers. He has educated hardware dealers and software
resellers worldwide on the subjects of enterprise fax, fax automation and fax
capture into document management and workflow.

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