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A Consultative Approach

8 May, 2008 By: Vircosoft Vircosoft imageSource

A Consultative Approach

>> Wanting to know more about the innovative Document Management software
company, VircoSoft, imageSource editor, Sand Sinclair, spoke with the company’s
founding CEO, Steve Breault.

imageSource: What’s the overall premise behind VircoSoft?

SB: I started VircoSoft in 2000, in Fairfax, VA. We recently relocated
the main office to Niceville, on the Florida Panhandle. Basically, the industry
is loaded with developers and distributors more than happy to sell dealers’
software. Where many fail, in my opinion, is in their inability, unwillingness
or inexperience in the field to really teach and assist a dealer and/or sales
rep, many of whom are entering uncharted territory today with the need to know
how to build a profitable business. By design, we work very closely with our
resellers. We came from the “trenches” and we know what works. Our priority is
not measuring how many new resellers we can sign-on in a month or how many
dealers can we put in a sales area. The “fast food chain” philosophy does not
work for us. Becoming a competent document management consultant is not a
process that can be mastered overnight. However, once mastered, the sky’s the

Our goal is to help our resellers close deals while they are learning. This
is truly a win/win scenario. We have successful resellers today who knew
absolutely nothing about this industry, but were open-minded and “teachable.”
Now they are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Likewise, experienced dealers
come to us because of our products and pricing.

We are currently expanding here in the states and in several foreign
countries. Partnering and affiliation with other world-class developers is
important. It is key to being able to provide incredible product at affordable
prices today.

iS: So your “niche” is best described as what?

SB: Our niche is teaching Office Equipment Dealers, IT Organizations
and Software Development Firms how to become successful at selling document
management solutions. We have invested a huge amount of time developing and
fine-tuning a solution selling system that works, whereby the technical side is
easily learned.

iS: What specifically does VircoSoft provide?

SB: VircoSoft is constantly evolving. Basically, we provide the
hardware and IT dealer channels affordable world-class document management
software solutions for resale to their customers. We teach them how to show
their customers how to file, route and secure all of their paper documents
electronically, and for less than it costs to do manually. We believe that to
succeed, dealers must use a consultative approach, showing their customers how
they can lower their current document handling expenses, add updated technology
to streamline their existing workflow, and in most cases, to do it for less
money than they are currently spending.

Our roots stem from the hardware business, and we never forget that. Our
reseller partners like knowing we have walked in their shoes and can easily
relate to the challenges they face every day. Dealers are often our very best
resource to improve our products and our training. By design we work very
closely with them. Our commitment is to provide outstanding support to the
dealer, our reseller partner.

iS: How did you finally come to the decision to start VircoSoft?

SB: Everyone has their own story. Mine is not dissimilar from anyone
reading this interview that has started a business or earns their living on
commission. I was in the hardware business before starting VircoSoft and was
feeling increasingly frustrated as margins were declining and equipment features
were becoming indistinguishable. I was open to opportunity. One cold rain-swept
day in the late 90’s, I witnessed a software demonstration of an entry-level
document management software application and something clicked. I thought, there
it is! I started selling the application and found that I could bundle the
software with hardware and differentiate myself from my competitors. This is as
true today with our Pinnacle KMS as it was when we started. So, VircoSoft was
launched on this foundation.

iS: How else does a sales rep make money in this business?

SB: That depends. If you go with our system, all it takes is a
willingness to follow the steps (system) we teach. Time and field tested, our
system is helping sales people close sales. Sales reps do not have to become
technicians to succeed in a big way. Starting with their current customer base,
our system properly executed will result in a customer wanting to buy rather
than the sales rep trying to sell. Let me give you an example: Terry Eisler, Sr.
VP of Copy Products Company, recently decided to test the system. He is a very
successful 30 year veteran of the hardware business. Terry called us recently
and said, “This system really works. Using the steps, I just closed a very
profitable sale in less than 30 days, that includes the product and a very
expensive MFP. The MFP was not even on my customer’s radar.”

iS: What makes your management system different?

SB: It is actually two applications bundled in one solving both sides
of the equation. Our vFiler (Automated Filing System) and Pinnacle KMS (Web
based Knowledge Management System) work in unison to file documents from email,
office documents, and scanners while publishing them directly to the Pinnacle
KMS web based repository for secure (audited) storage with quick full content
and metadata searching capabilities.  Frankly, we feel there are not many
products on the market today that can compete against the Pinnacle KMS / vFiler
bundled solution, on price, licensing and feature set.

iS: What training formats do you provide that are working well?

SB: We have learned that when a partner engages immediately in the
sales cycle (taught by VircoSoft) they see the difference. When owners see high
gross profit numbers, they tend to refocus their efforts on a profitable
product. This eliminates lost hardware deals to their competitors because they
have a solution they can easily bundle on hardware upgrade leases. Of course we
provide training videos, customizable sales & marketing collaterals and other
tools. Technical training is not minimized, and is learned quickly by video
based training and working side by side with us on new deals that reps have in
the sales cycle. 

For more information please contact Steve Breault at 800-240-6277,
sales@vircosoft.com. Visit

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