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A Few Inspirational Words for the Younger Generation of Reps

29 Aug, 2005 By: Nick Warnock imageSource

A Few Inspirational Words for the Younger Generation of Reps

It’s been five years since you
stepped out of the halls of higher education and into the pressure-packed world
of sales. You’ve learned the ropes and have endured countless battles against
the competition. You have tasted the sweetness of victory and coped with the
agony of defeat.

Let’s, for a moment, focus on that sweet taste of victory. Over the years, your
skills have improved and your responsibilities and income have reached new
heights. Since breaking the six-figure salary, you have been able to travel and
see the world with your friends or your significant other.

Although you are still relatively young, your parents start putting the pressure
on you to settle down. When this issue comes up, a weird sensation overtakes
you, and it is certainly not that same feeling of getting an order agreement
signed and ringing the bell. It is more of a feeling of anxiety. And like many
young people in our industry, you may ask yourself, “Is this as good as it

The best, as Paul Newman’s pool-hustling character Fast Eddie Felson described
it in the film “The Color of Money,” is the guy with the most. Success can be
measured in many different ways and it is different for everyone.

Personally, I have witnessed some of my friends become fulfilled through
marriage and children, while others are content with their jobs and scholarly
pursuits. Still, others just work and live for the weekend and find fulfillment
by the stories they can tell Monday morning to their co-workers, who live
vicariously through them.

I am certain, however, that a large percentage of you feel that perhaps starting
a family or boozing it up at the latest hot spot is not all that you are
destined to do.

Perhaps you have always dreamed of starting your own business, playing in a rock
band, teaching English to kids in Japan, or acting in a play. To the masses,
these urges are sometimes perceived as delusions of grandeur.

However, to me—as well as some of the rest of you in this industry who have
tasted success—they are realistic goals. I was always taught to dream big. Maybe
it is time for you to shake up the monotony of your life and try pursing your
dreams no matter what people say.

It is your only life, and if we learn nothing else in the sales industry we
learn this: you can control your own destiny. So fight the good fight, go with
your gut, throw your hat into the ring, embrace the unknown, and all of those
other clichés.

What’s the worse case scenario? You possibly fail and end up flat on your ass.
I’m sure you didn’t have instant success in this business. You’ve been there
already in this industry and emerged victorious!

You have persuaded people to buy the hardest thing in the world to sell and are
armed with the skills and the know how to market anything. So why not now shift
the focus to marketing yourself. Instead of that flashy color copier, how about
packaging YOU!

I firmly believe whether it is going out on your own, starting a business or
starring in a play, you can use the tools you have mastered and learned in the
copier world and apply them to selling YOU. When you are in charge the sky is
the limit and nobody can cap your income or how high you will fly!

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