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A Perfect Pair: Leasing & Copier Dealers

6 Mar, 2008 By: Greg VanDeWalker of GreatAmerica Leasing imageSource

A Perfect Pair: Leasing & Copier Dealers

When you think of famous pairs, many may come to mind: Fred Astaire and
Ginger Rogers…peanut butter and jelly …copier dealers and leasing.

For decades, leasing has been an effective tool to help end users acquire
copiers. If you have been in this business for even a little while, you already
know that leasing presents a great opportunity for a simple monthly payment, and
gives customers an advantage when upgrading.

In today’s competitive marketplace everyone is trying to protect their
current base, as well as trying to take over their customer’s printer fleet. The
company that controls the clicks is the one that controls the customer.

The dealer that is successful in capturing all of the clicks is the dealer
that bundles their transactions most effectively. Leasing a copier and having a
separate maintenance contract is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Since
most printers in the field are not leased, many companies are going out and
putting those assets under a bundled contract, locking out the competition.

Being able to bundle effectively helps in 3 ways:

            1)  Protect your MIF

            2)  Increase your margin

            3)  Reduce your administration expense

A cash sale or even a traditional lease does not adequately protect your
customer base. As the industry converges you will find that IT VARs, printer
resellers and large national organizations want to capture the print and copier
outputs of your customer base. A bundled lease allows you to adequately protect
your customer base under an agreement, but also locks out competitors who may
want to sneak into your account through service or supply contracts.

Margin pressures on your business are pervasive. Bundled payments allow you
to realize higher margins by making it harder for customers to compare shop
since they don’t know every line item price. Bundled contracts are easy to
escalate, allowing for higher profitability in future years.

Think of the amount of time and money you spend in your business on
administration. By bundling your contracts, your finance partner will be
handling your billing and collecting and you can redeploy your administration
staff to focus on initiatives that will help you sell more.

If you are not currently offering bundled leases to your customers, now is
the time!  Make sure you find the right partner for this type of leasing,
including GreatAmerica Leasing, who can provide exceptional service. And, since
not all leasing companies can handle bundled contracts, be sure to ask the
following questions when looking at a company with whom to partner:

            1) Can they provide at least five dealer references who are
currently bundling?

            2) Do they have the ability to integrate with OMD, Digital Gateway,
LaCrosse or a CSV file?

            3) Do they provide online tools to track your cash flow 24/7?

            4) Can they put every part of your relationship in writing in a
Program Agreement?

            5) Do they have a tool to provide remote monitoring to collect meter
reads, toner levels and more?

Use bundling as a tool to make yet another famous pair…you and your

-Courtesy of GreatAmerica Leasing / Contact


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