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Achieving Corporate Green

4 Nov, 2010 By: Sand Sinclair, Editor imageSource

Achieving Corporate Green

Around the globe organizations as well as individuals are actively concerned about the  environment, and where “going green” is becoming the new norm, adding another dimension to consumer awareness – and demand for sustainable goods. This is not a trend but a call to change the way we conduct ourselves. For businesses, consumers are seeking more conscientious programs and products to add or replace existing ones. This demand is growing yearly. You need to know how this affects you and what you can do. 

Becoming proactively green has its challenges. Sometimes the cost is higher in product yet low in “footprint.” Yet the geyser of green concern will trickle down to all companies, large and small, as customers continue to demand products and services that take eco-friendly offerings seriously. Even if it costs a bit more; if it has value and is efficiently green, the Gen X’ers and Boomers are willing to invest.

The attempts of manufacturers to think “Energy Star” and invest in non-toxic materials for product, follow LEED certification best practices, build devices that use less energy or fossil fuel consumption, while creating interactive programs to promote sustainability awareness for kids to seniors, have companies addressing the quest to live better – to live “green.”

Organizations, especially manufacturers and suppliers of office equipment and supplies, technology and solutions such as those from Panasonic, Xerox, Ricoh and a growing list of others, are making the environment a key driver of their business today. This means placing eco-concerns at the heart of their product design process.

Organizations takes part in this vital movement by making a commitment to their customers by providing products and services that take into account their need for low-impact living. Practical information on how to conserve supplies and convert workflow methods is part of customer service today, with suggestions to increase product performance “to use less energy for a lighter footprint.”

Superior Green Products
Today, companies in the USA, Europe, Japan and around the globe pledge that they will practice prudent, sustainable use of the earth’s natural resources and eliminate as much wastefulness as possible. Turning green can be more expensive in some cases however, with replacement methods for commonly used fossil fuels, oil, and electricity being costlier. These increases are commonly passed on to those consumers “who buy green” but overtime this will lessen as manufacturers compete with one another to deliver products aimed at enhancing the quality of product function while reducing its environmental impact.

Products with improved environmental performance are commonly referred to as “Green Products.”  Those products that lead the industry in environmental performance are classified as “Superior Green Products,” and those products that represent a pioneering momentum-shift in environmental performance or which represent revolutionary technologies to advance towards sustainability, are designated as “Super Green Products.”  

Conservation of Technology
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a campaign known as Plug-In to eCycling to encourage Americans to reuse or recycle their used electronics. In addition, Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation can help you recycle used batteries and cell phones.  The rechargeable batteries are commonly used by police and fire departments for two-way radios and laptops, or hospitals where portable defibrillators and heart monitors with recycled batteries are used, helping to save lives.

RoHS compliant (Reduction of Hazardous Substances), the mandatory regulation standards for manufacturers selling office products to Europe, greatly reduces the use of potentially hazardous materials. This includes the elimination of lead in consumer products. A good example of this is the common circuit board used in virtually millions of products. When you think of soldering various electronic components to each board and where lead has been commonly used to connect them (yet now requires a better, safer element) changing this standard industry practice worldwide is no small feat. To achieve universal change it takes pioneers and dedicated people to invest in researching, designing and developing a much improved method.

Today’s conservation wake-up call has many of us considering green products in almost every room in our home and office. Machines and appliances to help provide cost and use efficiency that suits the EPA and other regulated compliancy to improve our day-to-day living are becoming part of the growing trend to save our earth’s resources. With each of us adopting an environmentally responsible management style for sustainability, together we can preserve the ecology of the planet – and deliver quality business products and services that are advancing to “Super Green.”

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