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Advantages of Transitioning to the Cloud

4 Jan, 2011 By: Andreas Krebs, All Covered, Inc. imageSource

Advantages of Transitioning to the Cloud

The Cloud. It’s one of many buzzwords borne out of the Internet’s continuous progress beyond communication and entertainment. It is a unifying term that describes a wide range of technologies and services that has moved the daily computing tasks from the traditional natively hosted hardware architecture to a more reliable and expansive Web-based platform. And it is one platform many small and medium-sized businesses and IT companies are turning to as they find ways to improve production without the increasing costs.

Here are 3 key factors that make cloud computing a compelling route to take.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

If your company (or clients) has decided to jump into cloud computing as part of its day-to-day operations, you will find it to be a cost-effective solution—definitely a value proposition you and your IT Services Department will find attractive, especially if you happen to be in the middle of a large-scale expansion. You will no longer need to build a datacenter and fill it with expensive equipment to support your needs; thus saving your company from making huge investments on hardware and services you may or may not even fully utilize in the long run.

You can also reduce your company costs on the software side, since there are free SaaS (Software as a Service) subscriptions being offered by providers online, while the paid ones generally cost less than having to procure licenses and install software suites per computer in the workplace. What’s more, your IT Services Team can find greater value with these cloud services, since their providers are more likely to bundle in other related services like cloud storage, data backup and 24/7 real-time tech support into their software offerings.

2. It’s Flexible and Easy to Implement

Since application and software roll-out is practically on the cloud, you can be sure that the overall implementation offers little or no effect on the office productivity. As such, there will be no need to spend months planning potential data re-delegation or hours executing plans on mission critical processes like data disaster recovery or back-ups. Instead, cloud computing easily lets your IT Support Department initiate and complete implementation in your entire workplace within minutes.

You can choose the cloud solution that fits perfectly with your company’s (or clients) business practices and security protocols. Most cloud service providers offer SaaS plans with flexible feature sets to address technical concerns unique to your organization.

Aside from the computers, and your pre-existing network and data infrastructure, a stable connection to the Internet or a remote wireless hook-up to the office’s central server is of utmost importance. This makes for a seamless roll-out even for both mobile workers and those in remote facilities.

3. It’s Continuously Evolving

Like any technology, cloud computing is in a constant state of evolution which, in theory, means IT companies won’t have to worry about ensuring the scalability of their data infrastructure and future-proofing their entire workplace. This helps alleviate any potential problems like additional costs and physical space issues that may come during expansions and hardware refresh cycles.

And as the cloud service providers populating the cloud computing marketplace grow, the ensuing competition brings about a lot of benefits small and medium-sized businesses can definitely take advantage of:  better technology, improved offering and lower costs. In fact, we’ve seen these evolving cloud service providers double their storage capacities, offer better and sturdier accessibility, infrastructure and security, and develop more compelling features and tools.

Cloud computing is one of the many tech innovations businesses can implement to help strengthen their daily operations while decreasing their overhead costs.

Andreas Krebs is Marketing Manager at All Covered, Inc., a leading provider of computer network services and technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Visit www.allcovered.com  or phone 866-446-1133 to learn more from the “IT Experts.”

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