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An Innovator in Office Document Solutions Technology

9 Oct, 2001 By: Vendor Insight: Oki Data Americas, Inc. imageSource

An Innovator in Office Document Solutions Technology

Data’s full-line of products are targeted to meet the document management
needs of small to Fortune 1000 offices.


reliability, value. These are the benchmark standards by which information
technology products are measured. For almost 30 years, Oki Data has kept these
standards in the forefront of everything they develop and produce. The result
has been millions of satisfied customers, award winning products, and Oki
Data’s ascendance to the top of the information technology industry.


Innovative Market Leader

in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, Oki Data has blossomed into an international
corporation with over 600 employees throughout North America. Since its
inception in 1972, Oki Data has sold over 12 million printers and has become the
number one impact printer manufacturer in North America with an enormous 37%
market share. Oki Data offers
complete range of color and monochrome OKI® Digital LED printers,
serial impact dot matrix printers, Internet and high-speed fax machines,
multifunction peripherals and multi-platform print server cards and adaptors.
products can be used in a
variety of fashions such as for use in point-of-sale, industrial and data
processing applications.


Data initially made a name for itself through the development of their serial
impact dot matrix printers. Known for their
reliability and quality, OKI serial impact dot matrix printers quickly became
the most popular brand in the market. The leadership of Oki Data did not rest on
their success and were quick to explore new technological advancements and the
implications to printer manufacturing. Their product development team determined
that by using
digital LED (Light
Emitting Diode) engines, as a basis for all their printers and fax machines,
they could produce products that ran faster, and took fewer steps in the
printing process than a device utilizing traditional laser technology.


Digital LED Printing Advantage

engines were initially used in monochromatic printers, but Oki Data applied that
technology to their digital color printers with spectacular results. Oki
Data’s LED color printer line has several important advantages that make them
the most cost effective on the market. Traditional l
printers need four passes to process a color image, which slows printing time
down, and have U shaped or L shaped feeders so media handling is limited. With
Single Pass Color®
technology, all four colors are printed in a single pass by four 1200 dpi
digital LED printheads. This results in
fewer of those pesky paper jams that cost businesses so much time and
aggravation. Also, the single pass color system allows Oki Data’s printers to
feed a greater variety of paper types such as tabloid-extra size (12” x 18”)
and media sources varying from standard paper to 110 lb. card stock.


the design of Oki Data’s digital LED color and monochrome printers make life
easier for end users by having easily replaceable consumables and maintenance
items. Replacing the image drums and toner cartridges is an exceedingly simple
procedure. The color drums and toners are particularly cost effective because
instead of one cartridge (toner and drum combined) containing each color, Oki
Data’s printers have a separate toner and drum for each color. This means that
when one of the four basic colors runs out, only that color toner needs to be


Data has also applied their digital LED technology to their fax and
multifunction machines. Oki Data became the first manufacturer to offer real
time Internet faxing using the T.38 protocol. Rather than using an analog
telephone line, this system sends documents via network servers. The advantages
to this method are more than improved document quality. Faxes sent in this
manner can be sent to another T.38 fax machine “real time” and with receipt
confirmation. Oki Data also has fax machines with T.37 protocol. This allows
users to send documents directly from the fax machine to an email address as an
attachment. For those customers that spend time away from the office or home,
having this convenience means they have immediate access to faxes via their


Solutions Provider

than just manufacturing printers, Oki Data is about providing solutions. The
company continues to develop products that bundle various productivity tools and
functions. Oki Data’s integrated multi-function systems are targeted to meet
the entire document management needs of a small to Fortune 1000 offices. These
products not only include monochromatic and color printing, but their color LED
printers are now bundled with a scanner, stand, and cabinet to create a
convenience copier system. Systems come with custom color tables and are
stand-alone or networkable. Office space is not the only thing saved by
bundling. These systems average around $6,000 as opposed to most copier-based
systems that range from $10,000 to $20,000.


a vertical marketing plan, Oki Data provides specialized systems to a variety of
business sectors. By bundling hardware and software applications, the company
has created packages that address the specific needs of industries as varying as
real estate, health care, restaurants, retailers, and auto sales. These packages
can include specialized software, extra memory, extra trays, and different media
capabilities. To date, Oki Data has designed new editions of their products for
the real estate and marketing industry with additional areas planned for the
near future.


To Customer Service

Data’s accomplishment in producing quality printer and office equipment is
only equaled by their commitment to customer service.

The commitment to its customers does not end with the sale. For Oki Data,
customer support and service is as important as product performance. Oki Data is
the first company to offer 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week live toll-free
telephone support service for customers. Anytime during the day or night,
customers with questions can call and speak to a live technician. This system
also has skill based routing in which calls are forwarded directly to a
technician who is specially trained in that area. This dramatically cuts down in
response time and gets the customer up and running as soon as possible.


fax and multifunction machines that run directly through a telephone line, Oki
Data had developed a remote maintenance service. Machines can be serviced
immediately via this system, thus saving dealers and resellers extra service
calls and saving customers time.


service has been extended to the Internet via Oki Data’s websites. Beside
their general website (www.okidata.com),
the company has built my.okidata.com
which is tailored for users of their products. At this site, the customer has
access to general information, maintenance guides, drivers, software, and
upgrades. It also has a FAQ section as well as providing useful tips on
producing better-looking documents. Through the Business Partner Exchange web
site (bpx.okidata.com), Oki
Data offers authorized dealers and resellers exclusive information, including
access to product news, product list prices, new product developments, and
special promotions. Customers of Oki Data purchase more than equipment; they buy
a commitment to performance and satisfaction that lasts a lifetime.


keeping on top of technological advancements, continuing to focus on providing
color document management solutions, and steadfastly seeking new opportunities
to improve the integration potentials of their products, Oki Data is
anticipating a future of continued growth and recognition, as one of the top
printer manufacturers in the market.


2001 Oki Data Americas, Inc. OKI, Single Pass Color, Tank-Tough Reg. T.M. Oki
Electric Industry Co., Ltd.




Contact: William
Cowen, Manager of Corporate Communications
Company: Oki
Data Americas, Inc.

Bishops Gate Blvd.

Laurel, NJ 08054

Phone: 856.222.7249
Fax: 856.222.5108
Website: www.okidata.com
E-mail: bcowen@okidata.com


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