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APWI: A Total Solution Saves Money

6 Jun, 2007 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

APWI: A Total Solution Saves Money

If you have been making your living selling printers and copiers, the
customer’s phrase of “I want to buy a printer” likely isn’t giving you the
results it once did.

Today’s printers and copiers for the most part have become commodities and
are no longer a mystery to the consumer. If  all they want is a plug and
play printer they can go to Staples and pick the speed and feeds they want,
charge it and carry it back to their office.  You’ve heard for awhile now that
there’s no margin for the dealer in selling these commodities and you have to
specialize.  The national sales organizations like Xerox and IKON have found the
answer - sell a “Total Solution.”

Getting it all together

A Total Solution is typically the combination of Hardware, Software, Service,
and most importantly the dealer’s ability to put them all together so the
prospect perceives that the Total Solution is meeting their needs, wants, or

Large companies have deep pockets and have invested in staff that gives them
the in-house capabilities that are needed to put a custom total solution
together. The nationals are training their sales people to look for and seek out
sales opportunities that will require a custom total solution. 

The prospect’s most basic common need is to save money and increase
productivity.  That’s usually a good place to start.  Once the salesman knows
what the prospect wants, he is ready to start finding that Total Solution,
increasing margin. But how many regional dealers have the staff genuinely
capable of this increasingly complex task? Not many.  Owners know they need to
offer a Total Solution to keep their best customers and to compete with the
nationals. The typical dealer has a good hardware service organization and maybe
a couple of IT types that can do “magic” setting up networks, but not many have
engineers capable of dissecting data streams and knowing which software products
to put together to result in the perfect Total Solution.

The best software in the world is worthless if you don’t know how to install
it, and set it up.  Then of course you have to be able to support it.

All under one roof

This is where American PrintWare Inc. (APWI) saw their opportunity to grow,
by offering their core competencies to the regional dealers.  They have been
selling software programs and tools to the High Volume Printing market. They are
known for their products, their technical support and custom engineering
capabilities, and have expanded their market focus to now include the network
printing market. They are here to support the dealer in understanding what the
end user wants, making suggestions on what combination of products will produce
the desired results, with regard to hardware and software implementation.

APWI is fast becoming a company that regional dealers turn to when they find
a customer that has a unique need.  They now receive daily inquiries from
dealers explaining their customers needs and asking what software is out there
that they can combine with their hardware to create their own unique Total
Solution to win the business. Over the past few years, APWI has been busy
creating new software products that meet many of these needs, building
relationships with other software providers, helping to know their products well
enough to offer them to their dealer customers. They  LISTEN to what customers
need, RECOMMEND products that will meet those needs, support the dealer’s
technical staff in IMPLEMENTING the Total Solution, and SUPPORTING the solution

APWI has a unique approach in that they have a technical sales staff, tech
support, and code creating engineers all under one roof in their Southern
California Headquarters. In just a matter of minutes a dealer’s phone call can
go from the sales department, to tech support. If tech support does not have an
existing software solution, they can then speak with an engineer that can offer
a custom software product.

Bottom line? APWI offers software products that address the entire document
life cycle.

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