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Automate the Business Process - Use your copier!

6 Dec, 2007 By: Greg Schloemer imageSource

Automate the Business Process - Use your copier!

More and more business owners are leaping ahead of their competition by
implementing an Integrated Document Management (IDM) solution.  Small to
mid-size companies are the fastest growing segment in the IDM market, proving
it’s an option for companies of any size. By enabling your customer to capture,
organize and manage all of their documents, with one search they can have all
the information about any one business transaction. With all types of documents
in one place, automating business processes becomes extremely simple.

Here is an example of how IDM can simplify your customer’s business
processes. In the office, incoming correspondences, invoices, and delivery slips
are scanned on the copier and stored in the electronic file cabinet. E-mail, PC
generated files, faxes and even mainframe data are automatically captured and
also stored in this file cabinet.

Now let’s look at the person that is responsible for approving incoming
invoices. Located on their PC’s desktop is a folder that automatically searches
the electronic file cabinet at the office for any new incoming invoices and
places the path or result list directly in this folder. They now have immediate
access to all new invoices, purchase orders and receiving slips, as well as any
other documentation. 

With a single mouse click individuals can view a document, and by placing an
electronic stamp or signature on the document, it will automatically be routed
to the next step in the payment process. It really is that simple. Of course,
all of the documents are secure and only available to users who have the
appropriate access rights. Security is always paramount for the well-run office
in today’s cyberworld.

Solution Options

One of the main advantages of an IDM solution is online access to documents
from any location.  All that is needed is the correct IP Address configured on a
Client PC. Additionally, file cabinets located at different sites can be
synchronized. For instance, by defining detailed rules, documents in a file
cabinet from a home office are regularly synchronized overnight.  This way
headquarters, branches and remote locations - even mobile laptops - can
comfortably work with the same documents with minimal delay and without
expensive dedicated lines – whether around the corner or overseas.

A big part of any IDM solution is how documents are captured. When making a
copy, digital copiers or Multi-Function Products (MFP) produce a digital image
that can easily be stored in an IDM solution.  IDM solutions provide other
options for capturing documents such as capturing an image directly from an
application. Another method, which is perhaps the easiest way to capture an
image, is to use a Connector product between the MFP and the IDM solution,
possibly using a walk-up interface that allows the customer to simply touch the
screen to capture documents.   The customer needs to be reassured that you and
your organization are competent, knowledgeable and understand their needs
completely. The use of proper industry terms, in layman words for easier
comprehension rather than IT buzz words, will help you explain the proof of
concept to the customer – without leaving them in a haze of confusion. Make the
customer aware of the commitment your company has made in an IDM vendor. By
sharing your commitment, you make them aware of the training and certification
your company had to go through to become a reseller. The underlying reason here
is that you want to reduce the customer’s fear of the unknown. Remember,  you do
this everyday but this is likely their first time at this.

Your assurance should be to automate their business processes, quickly and
easily by substituting digital images in place of paper, not by reengineering
their entire business’ workflow. By showing the customer how to get better use
out of their digital copier investment with automated handling of business
information, the customer can realize increased productivity, better customer
service, and employee satisfaction - all contributing to the profitable bottom

Greg Schloemer is President of DocuWare Corporation; North & South
America. DocuWare’s an integrated document management solution to automate
business processes.

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