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BEI Services Offers MPS Cost Control Solution from Preton

5 Nov, 2012 imageSource

Wanting to learn more, imageSource asked key questions and shares the following:

Q Who is Preton?

A: Preton Ltd. provides advanced software for reducing printing costs. Preton’s award winning PretonSaver™ software offers enterprises and SMBs revolutionary savings on toner, ink and paper consumption and associated printing costs.

Q: How will the partnership with BEI Services benefit the BEI customer?

A: We are opening the door to the BEI Services dealers who would like to implement this cost saving technology for their customers. Preton’s print control and reporting software allows users to control and report every aspect of their toner cost. Added to this, BEI Services can merge the device level data to the actual parts
and labor costs, which is not available anywhere else. This information allows users to see their true cost of ownership on a per device basis.

Q: What is PretonSaver™?

A: PretonSaver™ allows you to reduce toner cost per page. The product saves as much as 70% of your printing costs. Based
on a unique patent-pending Pixel Optimizer™ technology, it uses advanced algorithms to identify and delete pixels that are not necessary to maintain the high quality level printing, dramatically reducing toner and ink usage. 

Q: How does Preton’s Pixel Optimizer technology work?

A: Preton’s Pixel Optimizer works by addressing the fact that while computer images are made up of square pixels, most printers produce round dots on a page. Printers attempt to approximate the shape created by square pixels by overlapping these round dots; it is this wasteful overlapping that Preton’s technology aims to eliminate. Pixel Optimizer’s algorithms identify pixels that may be rendered into dots with an excessive amount of overlapping and eliminates them from the image.

Q: What is the impact of this technology on image quality?

A: This is all done without any impact on image quality, and can result in efficiency savings of 35% on average. The technology works with text and images. Better results can be achieved with text because it is more likely that adjacent pixels will be the same color, so are more easily removed. The majority of the main printing suppliers offer the ability to set their devices to print more economically. However, those settings usually involve reducing the dpi (dots per inch) of the resulting image, which affects the quality.

Other methods, such as reducing toner density levels and so-called half toning (where blacks are rendered as grey) similarly impact quality. Preton’s technology allows for more efficient printing without an obvious decrease in quality. Preton’s technology is unique and offers companies a way to get immediate savings on printing costs without sacrificing document quality or changing printer hardware.

Q: Can user specific print rules be defined?

A: Absolutely. PretonSaver Enterprise™ puts the control over printing back in your hands. With PretonSaver Enterprise™ you can easily define print rules for active printers, users, groups, as well as for applications. Rules include page and color usage privileges and quotas, enforcement of Duplex printing where available, automatic omission of images for specific users/applications, and much more.

Q: What is Preton DCA (Data Collection Agent)?

A: In addition to the savings on toner costs, PretonSaver™ collects networked and local printer meter readings, service alerts and consumable levels for all managed devices. By providing this information, PretonSaver™ enables an MPS to automate meter-reading collection, access to devices remotely during service calls, and streamlines consumable shipments to customers. 

Q: Is this solution easy to implement?

A: PretonSaver™ is easy to install and operate. All you have to do is install the software and print. PretonSaver™ automatically identifies the printing and instructs the printer on how to save ink without sacrificing the desired quality. It supports both ink-jet printers and laser printers, connected directly to the computer (local) or through a network. 

Q: How is Preton technology part of the Green initiative?

A: A medium sized enterprise uses approximately 1,000 trees for it’s printing every year. PretonSaver™ reduces wasteful printing by enforcing enterprise-wide
print policies. With the current state of the world economy, most companies really are searching for ways to decrease costs. Yet printing often falls under the radar. But when you consider the facts, printing suddenly starts to look a
lot more interesting ‐ particularly if you are the financial director or CIO looking to make savings.

Needless printing undoubtedly has financial repercussions, but environmental concerns also need to be addressed. Printer consolidation will not deliver the complete solution. Personal responsibility and accountability of those using printers is fundamental. The economy is focusing attention on cost saving in all markets. Business decisions regarding environmental impact rely on a strong return on investment element. Green issues are still hot on the agenda for many organizations, which proudly brand themselves ‘green’.

Performance-based BEI Services

BEI Services has been providing the world’s best source for unbiased imaging device and technician performance benchmarking since 1993. Analyzing millions of service calls on millions of imaging devices every month allows BEI Services to pinpoint opportunities to save money within your service organization. Having also developed the most successful and widely used performance-based technician compensation program in the industry, BEI Services stands alone as experts in service department benchmarking and managed incentive programs.

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