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Benefits of Dedicated Marketing Campaigns

5 Nov, 2012 By: Kendall Tucker, Evolved Office imageSource

To get great marketing results, you need to have a plan of action. Unfortunately, rather than being well planned and prearranged, dealer marketing is too often haphazard and disorganized. Dealers frequently spend their marketing dollars on random marketing pieces that they send out to promote a featured product or monthly special. And these pieces usually highlight different products or services, leaving their customers and prospects to sort through a pile of messages without having much of anything sink in or push them to a purchasing decision. This kind of scattered marketing is widely used in the office equipment industry, and though it can be effective when used properly and is certainly better than nothing, it’s not always the best way to spearhead your marketing efforts and increase sales of your biggest product areas.

A better and more profitable approach is to focus on a single product area and design a dedicated marketing campaign around it. Dedicated marketing campaigns embrace a more holistic approach than impromptu marketing, and they’re also more interesting, more effective, and they usually have higher response rates and generate more leads. Imagine how much more successful your marketing efforts would be if you had a specific marketing plan to promote your most lucrative product areas, like MPS, color, document management, and IT services, to name a few.

Dedicated campaigns focus on the consistent delivery of strong marketing messages that promote a single product or service. They usually run for several months and use multiple mediums to guide consumers to purchasing decisions. By creating a marketing campaign around a single product or service, dealers are able to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing budget while increasing the reach and impact of their efforts.

So, what sets dedicated campaigns apart from unstructured marketing? The three main components of a good marketing campaign are: strong messages, consistent delivery, and the use of multiple mediums.

Strong messages

By creating a targeted marketing campaign around a single product area and developing targeted and specific messages, you will increase the exposure of your marketing and enhance the consistency of your branding efforts – allowing your sales team to generate more leads and make more sales in less time. Strong messages are those that effectively describe the product or service you’re trying to sell, while also capturing the attention of your target audience and leading them to a buying decision. You want your message to scream, “Here’s how this can really help your business!”

When drafting your marketing messages, remember that customers need information before making a purchasing decision. Educate them about what you can offer without bogging them down with too many details or technical jargon. Get to the point quickly and tell them how your product can benefit their business. Also remember that all of your messages don’t have to be identical in a marketing campaign. In fact, it’s much better if you vary your messages in a campaign to avoid boring your audience. All of your messages just have to be cohesive and work together in order to drive people to the conclusion that they truly need what you’re offering.

Spend time researching your target audience before drafting your campaign messages to find out what makes them tick. You’ll want to speak their language and use information to influence the decision-making processes. Here at Evolved Office, we recently developed a dedicated MPS marketing campaign, yet we didn’t just guess or make assumptions about the different messages to use. Instead, we polled, surveyed and received one-on-one feedback from industry experts, top dealerships, and business owners across the country that have implemented MPS successfully. Then, based on our research, we developed six main campaign messages that would resonate best with C-level decision makers, and that would cohesively drive the MPS message home. So, make sure your messages do the same.

Consistent delivery

To improve the effectiveness of your marketing pieces, it’s important that you deliver your message on a consistent basis, because repetition gives you more chances at conversion. In the marketing and advertising world, it’s generally accepted that a consumer has to be exposed to your message seven times before they even notice it and take action. I’ve seen research suggesting that this number can actually range anywhere between five and twelve, but seven seems to be the industry standard for converting impressions to sales. This is why marketing campaigns work so well – they consistently place your message in front of decision makers.

The bottom line is that sending haphazard marketing pieces without a cohesive message or a consistent delivery schedule is unlikely to yield the results you’re looking for. Sending a marketing piece one month with message A and another marketing piece three months later with message B is probably not the best approach. But with a dedicated marketing campaign, your message would be delivered consistently over time – usually over several months – therefore solidifying it into your audience’s memories and driving them closer to a buying decision.

Multiple Mediums

When it comes time to decide which marketing pieces to use and how to deliver them, there are a few things to consider. Many dealers have a favored method of delivery for their marketing pieces – usually email or direct mail, both of which are popular and effective mediums in the office equipment industry. Direct mail is the more traditional method and, though it can be expensive, it statistically has a higher response rate. However, email marketing typically has the highest ROI (return on investment) and a much faster response rate. But there are a few other things to consider when determining how to deliver your marketing message.

Choosing the right delivery methods and pieces can maximize your marketing dollars and allow you to grow your sales faster. Since different consumers prefer different methods of delivery, it’s actually very important to diversify your sending methods in a campaign, as well as the individual pieces you’re using. Incorporating a combination of print, email, and interactive marketing pieces can really differentiate you from the competition.

The campaigns developed at Evolved Office often combine print and email newsletters, email blasts, direct mail postcards, and even video marketing. Though all these pieces are packaged and delivered in different ways, they all tie together to establish consistent branding and familiar patterns of delivery that reinforce the campaign’s main message and encourage contacts to take action.

Bringing It Together

The marketing possibilities are endless, so start by selecting one product or service you’d like to feature and drive it home with a dedicated campaign that uses strong messages, a consistent schedule, and varied delivery methods to boost sales. Whether in-house or using a ready-to-go campaign developed by a marketing company, the key to boosting your sales is keeping your marketing focused and consistent.

About the Author: Kendall Tucker, Evolved Office

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