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Building Business by Destroying Information

27 May, 2003 By: Alicia Ellis imageSource

Building Business by Destroying Information

The destruction of
documents and other types of information through shredding has grown over the
past ten years as news of identity theft and corporate dumpster diving have
surfaced. Where once, shredders were primarily for government and large
corporate use because of their large size and hefty price, today's shredders
have evolved into smaller, more efficient and far less costly machines capable
of shredding documents, CDs and credit cards.

Just like having a
yearly physical, wearing your seatbelt or locking your front door, the shredder
is a preventive measure that can aid in the wellbeing of a consumer or company.
It you don't wear your seatbelt, you are at risk of being seriously injured in
an accident; consequently if a company does not use a shredder, they are at risk
of serious injury from disgruntled employees, their competition or any number of
criminals who use employee, bank and trade secret information for their own

According to a
recent imageSource reader poll, 57 percent of readers responding said that they
currently sell or plan to sell shredders in the near future. By teaching your
customers about the need for shredders, the types of shredders and the
importance of shredders, you will not only improve customer relations by showing
how much you care about their business, but you will also be able to claim your
piece of the $250 million market.

Making Sense of

Where ten years ago, shredder manufacturers offered very little product
selection, today, these same manufacturers have developed full lines of
shredders for personal, business, industrial and government applications. A
dealer needs to be aware of the different types of shredders, the applications
for shredders and what differentiates one shredder from another.

While speed, paper
handling capabilities and motor size play an important part in who a dealer will
market a shredder to, the primary differentiator that categorizes shredders is
the size and type of cut the shredder makes. There are also shredders that are
designed to tackle CDs, credit cards, tapes, and floppy discs.

As an office
equipment dealer, shredders offer an opportunity to increase your company's
exposure to a client in addition to providing that client with additional
product offerings. Judging from the number of monthly clicks, you may be able to
gauge the type and number of shredders a company may need. Security of documents
and other information storage devices is vital in any organization and you're
commitment to your client's wellbeing will increase, not only their trust, but
your bottom line.

Profit margins can
range between 15 to 40 percent depending on the market segment with some of the
highest margins in government and corporate sales. The advantages to selling
shredders lie in the wide array of models for a number of markets, their ease of
use and their reliability. Often dealers find success and subsequent shredder
sales when they place a demo model in close proximity to the primary copier or
printer. Companies begin to see the benefits of using a shredder and, after a
short period of time, become accustomed to using the shredder. The shredder thus
becomes a necessity and its purchase a requirement.

Because shredders
have few moving parts and are typically built of sturdy materials, with normal
use, most shredders require little more than a once-a-year checkup. These
checkups, which often take very little time, can be incorporated into existing
service agreements or even offered free with the purchase of a copier and
shredder together.

Shredders are not
just a luxury reserved for the government and large corporations with trade
secrets. Every company should protect themselves from harm. As the old saying
goes, "Better safe, than sorry."

Advances in

Here is just a sampling of the latest shredders available in today's market.

Fellowes' Powershred
220-2 (strip cut) and 220C-2 (confetti cut) shredders provide shredding and
offer features well-suited for up to five users. The 220-2 can shred CDs in
addition to staples and small paper clips. The 220-2 strip-cut shredder reduces
up to 20 sheets of paper to 7/32" strips while the 220C-2 confetti-cut
shredder cuts up to 14 sheets into 5/32" x 1" confetti particles. Both
models have a shredding speed of 20 feet per minute. www.fellowes.com

The AMS-24 from
Ameri-Shred has a 9.5" throat and straight cuts up to 14 sheets of paper
into strips 3/16" wide. The AMS-24 has a shredding speed o f 27 feet per
minute. www.ameri-shred.com

The Destroyit 3102
from MBM Corporation is designed for destroying CD-ROMS and laser paper. The
12" wide feed opening handles laser documents fed in either direction. New
design handles CD-ROMS with ease. www.mbmcorp.com

Schleicher's Intimus
Line of Shredders recently introduced a Multimedia Shredder that destroys, CD's,
DVD's, 3 1/2" floppy disks, 100MB and 250MB Zip disks, 4mm DAT tapes and LS
120 Super disks. A separate collection for different media allows easy disposal
and even recycling. www.intimus.com

GBC Office Products
Group's Shredmaster 9.25" entry level 2250X cross cut shreds eight to ten
sheets at a time into over 275 unreadable 5/31" x 2-5/32" chips at 20
feet per minute including staples and paper clips. A 13 gallon shred bins allows
a longer time between bag changes. www.gbcoffice.com

The Echo Star
ES-I8CD is a destruction device that reduces CDs and DVDs into hundreds of thin
plastic shreds. Large removable hopper holds shredded CDs and is easily emptied.
Heavy duty electric motors assure smooth trouble free operation and a single
disk can be destroyed in less than five seconds. www.echostarsystems.com

From their 9½"
feed opening to the powerful 1/2 horsepower motor, the DAHLE intermediate office
shredders can shred up to 18 sheets of paper at one time. The 20414 cross-cut
shreds 12-15 sheets into 1/8"x7/8" pieces at a speed of 15 feet per
minute. www.dahleusa.com

Whether you choose
one of the five strip-cut or cross-cut models, the Kobra260 works hard to
destroy private information created in the office. The KOBRA 260SS5 is equipped
with two motors that can handle up to 46 sheet of paper at a time, CDs and
floppy disks. The Kobra 260 series are equipped with metal chain drive, steel
gears, and carbon-hardened cutting knives. www.kobrashredders.com

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