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Dealers’ Transformation to Succeed Turn-key tools to rebuild your infrastructure

4 Jan, 2008 By: Sand Sinclair imageSource

Dealers’ Transformation to Succeed Turn-key tools to rebuild your infrastructure

ITEX believes healthy survival and increased profits depend on opening your
mind to new technology developments, superior education, and the willingness to
modify your business model. The power of a good tradeshow is worth its weight in
gold. You can take advantage of business-altering knowledge that industry
experts have researched, designed, and made available to you at their cost,
coordinated by ITEX in a step-by-step process to fortify the building blocks of
your business foundation, thus resulting in profits.

For the past eight years, ITEX has annually gathered the best industry
information found to date to aid dealers, resellers, VARs, industry management,
service and IT technicians in their quest to broaden their business. When one
seeks to layer more value-adds for their customers’ choosing, the ITEX event
keeps providers grounded with informative workshops and “training” sessions, and
exposure to the latest products to open (your) eyes to the possibilities and
methods to start filling your pipeline, let alone your wallet.

ITEX’s convergence of multi-strategies allows you to walk away with turn-key
tools to grow your business. It’s all there for the taking. Imagine how
profitable your business would be if you could ignite your prospects’ interest
while dazzling your current customers with an expanded portfolio. How do you
make that happen? By piling on the benefits to ensure they do business with YOU!

Turn-Key Steps to Total Solution Provider:

1. Break it down for me, please

Unless you’ve been asleep like Rip Van Winkle where innovation has passed
you by, we know there really isn’t a good excuse for not being aware of the
latest trends and opportunities our industry has to offer. Learning is not a one
step process. Most people do not automatically “get it all” the first time they
hear something. It takes follow up and a concerted effort each year to determine
what is useful in the ongoing effort to keep business moving and prosperous.
Keeping current of the most effective means to promote your business means
committing to those industry resources and media that provide you with what you
need to know. They’ve done the intensive research and costly studies on their
dime, formatting it and passing it on to you to use at will. Take advantage of
this knowledge meant to support you. Find the best convergence and
representation of our channel at ITEX.

2. Classes to teach me more

Experience first-hand, the learning curve phenomenon that a good tradeshow
brings to a condensed setting and short time frame. Here’s where you’ll find all
those preplanned, up-to-the-minute methods found in high powered education
tracks. You’ve heard the phrase, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Well,
ITEX ’08 has some of the best mindshare in the business to help you formulate a
better business model for increasing your profits. What does this mean?

Starting with ramped up education sessions (topics in the ITEX show guide
under “Classes at a Glance” and online), in a nutshell the ITEX Power Hours
consist of six education tracks, each with six topics per category. These one
hour sessions are included in the registration fee (pre-registration is
recommended but not mandatory). Last year had most session speakers seeing
“standing room only” so confirm a seat in advance!

Education tracks include: Business Management, Sales & Marketing, Managed
Print Services, Document Management (capture/workflow), Technology, and Service.
There are an enormous amount of talented speakers lined up for 2008, pulling out
all stops to bring you the latest information. From Repositioning your Company
for Solutions Success, to Striking a Balance in your A3 & A4 Product Portfolio,
or How to Implement a Successful Print Management Initiative or the Benefits of
Technician Specialization, the business-building blocks are here for the taking.
These are just a few of almost 30 industry-specific topics to learn from,
designed to expose providers to the latest “turn-key tools of operation” to put
in place.

With the ever-expanding changes, including an array of innovative MFPs
produced from multi-manufacturers, along with document software solutions,
wireless technology, and other networked solutions now offered in the market,
most dealers need a broader vision to expand their business. ITEX, thankfully,
packages it all together under one roof to create an unparalleled learning
opportunity to explore new business possibilities.

3. New wide format pavilion

This year the show floor has been expanded to include a wide format pavilion
sponsored by researcher BERTL. Over the past five years or more, the line
dividing small format and wide format imaging has begun to disappear. Many
companies and/or customers that may not have required wide format solutions are
finding that more often now, they do. A number of manufacturers consider the
wide format arena to be an important building block in their overall product
lines. Wide format devices aren’t just copiers any more. According to BERTL’s
industry research, the introduction of CAD/CAM software gradually replaced
hand-created drawings with ones created digitally by computers. That, in turn,
created a demand for wide format devices capable of digital printing, not just
copying. Nowadays, digital wide format printers, also called plotters, create a
variety of print products, including engineering drawings, trade show and retail
signage, architectural maps and renderings, point of purchase displays,
packaging prototypes, digital proofs and presentations, and even fine-art
reproductions. Key manufacturers, distributors and experts such as Paradigm
Imaging, IDEAL, GEI Wide Format, and more will provide education and next step
action plans. Much more than just an “overview,” you will learn what type
products/models, both hardware and software, are best suited for your offering,
as well as how to implement the right solutions to your customers.

Importantly, by adding wide format to your portfolio, you may be protecting
your customer base from your competitors who tout wide format solutions and who
could use that service as leverage to gain access to your customer and
copier/printer sales!

4. ECM Support Center

As with the wide format pavilion at ITEX for the first time, the show has
added a new addition. The ECM Connection Center and eMail station is intended to
help resellers with enterprise content management (ECM) needs and questions.
Here you will also learn which companies specialize in specific vertical markets
(such as banking, insurance, finance, government, education, healthcare) and
information on SMBs. The center walks resellers through four stages of ECM:
imaging, hardware, document & content management, and storage.

5. Take the team approach

The relatively minimal cost of attending is not much compared to lost
revenue due to being ill-prepared for today’s market. Smart thinking suggests
you make a minimal investment in bringing your Service Manager, your VP of
Sales, your IT Director, or the management team who can adopt all aspects
available at a 2-day show (education, new technologies, marketing strategies,
business solutions) that will transform the core of your business model to
levels of increased prosperity. True fact: tradeshows such as ITEX allow you to
quickly measure your dealership against your successful peers, thus gaining new
insight on where and how to apply this vital information to salvage or progress
your company’s revenues. Talk about benchmarks, you and your team can learn what
it takes, from A to Z, to “reposition” your business. It’s all here at ITEX -
embrace the possibilities!

6. Partnerships to help you profit

Oki Printing Solutions again is the official ITEX Partner Sponsor, the
manufacturer who supports dealers with a full range of products and solutions
that have, for over 30 years, delivered outstanding performance and quality. OKI
is concerned with over-distributed products, eroding profits and lost sales, and
as a leading vendor, responds with offered solutions, programs, education, and
industry support, and coincides with the ITEX platform to produce positive
change within the industry for those providers seeking to maximize their
business performance.

Great tradeshows afford dealers the best chance to meet key industry players
in one venue over a short period of time that they would not normally have a
chance to so effectively. Here’s where you get real-world advice on how to make
the most intelligent purchasing decisions, and how to implement the best
business solutions, or importantly, how to avoid costly mistakes, helping
dealers pave the way for ongoing success today and in the future.  You’re
exposed to profit-making methods to essentially enhance your portfolio – more
offerings, more solutions, better service methods, more thought-provoking
strategies and techniques –  a full schematic or roadmap to emerge as the
complete solutions provider. It’s all there for the taking. And it needn’t be

7. Best “convention capital” 

Las Vegas is a hub for convention goers, being so centrally located and
easily accessible for travel. And like most hotspots touting a colorful
nightlife, hands you the daytime to attend to business. The Las Vegas Convention
Center, and event hotel, the Las Vegas Hilton (with easy walking access to the
convention center or Metrorail) will both host related concurrent events such as
scheduled user group or annual dealer meetings or conferences for those
companies that want to maximize their time and travel dollars during ITEX week
(schedules can be found online). Additionally, any keynote engagement, cocktail
party, and the glam Perfect Image Awards presentation to dealers (includes
dinner and festivities) will be held at the Hilton. Secured hotel rooms will
become scarce the closer you get to the event, so early registration is

Yes, the convergence is all here at ITEX’08. Expect a bigger, full-throttle,
mind-bending event to remember. Plan to attend February 21-22, 2008.  The show
is dedicated to empowering providers with the most current and useable
information they’ll need, providing real-world insight on how to improve that
almighty bottom line! Updated information is posted at

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