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Document Retrieval is Covered

24 Feb, 2012 imageSource

Case Study: Docuware

Case Study: DocuwareRegional insurance carrier, Mountaineer Insurance Group, implemented DocuWare to streamline document storage and retrieval while reducing printing and labor costs. Work processes are now transparent which improved their customer service and facilitated better customer loyalty. Here’s how.

Initial Situation: Mountaineer Insurance Group is a family owned insurance agency serving Fairmont, West Virginia and surrounding areas. The agency provides its customers with a wide range of insurance coverage from a number of carriers, such as: auto, boat, motorcycle, life, farm, horse & ATV insurance.

Mountaineer‘s core business practices needed improving. Insurance applications were filled out in person, via fax, over the phone & electronically, resulting in original signed documents being received in a variety of formats. Regardless of their source they were printed and stored in a paper file which proved difficult to maintain. When Mountaineer prepares an insurance quote, an application packet of 14-18 pages is automatically generated by the insurance software. Of those 18 pages only 7-8 pages need to be seen and signed by the customer. They also printed a duplicate copy to be filed away as a record of which documents were sent to each customer. They found themselves printing mountains of paper, approximately 3,000-4,000 pages per month, yet throwing away nearly half when no longer required!

In an effort to reduce paper and improve business processes, Mountaineer started scanning its own printed pages, renaming and saving the files with the customer name. This manual process was time consuming, not searchable and duplicate names made it very complicated to administer. Finding needed documents was getting so difficult that some employees were maintaining their own duplicate files.

Requirements: Management realized that its business had grown and matured, but that its workflow processes had not. They sought out a way to automate their processes. Mountaineer wanted a document management solution that would reduce the amount of paper they were printing and the time they spent retrieving & managing their information. Additionally, they wanted to improve the visibility of policies whose signature pages had not yet been returned.

Solution: An Authorized DocuWare Partner worked closely with the management team at Mountaineer, to map the agency‘s current workflow. Once the base-line workflow was clearly established, an enhanced workflow was developed utilizing DocuWare and a third party product, StapleWare.

“It was easy to compare the existing and proposed workflows to see how my entire company would benefit from DocuWare. The new process would save paper, resources, and above all – time,“ said Bob Boyle, owner and President of Mountaineer Insurance Group.

With their document management solution in place, distributing, storing and retrieving insurance packets has been automated. When an agent prepares documents for a client, they store them in DocuWare as they are created. StapleWare Process Server monitors the database and determines when a policy is ready to print (i.e. when both the cover letter and all the supporting documentation have been generated). When the policy is complete the system prints only the appropriate pages along with the cover sheet so that the office staff can mail those documents to the customer. Simultaneously an electronic copy of the entire document is automatically indexed and stored in DocuWare, providing the agency with a record of the information sent to the client.

With DocuWare in place, as office staff receives completed signature pages they scan them and electronically “staple“or attach them to the original policy stored in DocuWare. The scanned signature pages are not only securely stored, but are in a format where they can be quickly e-mailed or faxed to the insurance carrier with the click of a button. As policies and applications are printed and amended, the Status field is updated, allowing Mountaineer to easily track the status of each policy and where it is in the workflow. Mountaineer was even able to import its “old digital files“ into DocuWare. Today, all file retrieval is done with DocuWare.

Benefits: Implementing a document management solution has greatly improved Mountaineer’s ability to serve its customers. Accessing information is fast and secure. If a customer calls needing an ID card, it can be easily e-mailed to them, while still on the phone. The agency loves hearing their client‘s reactions, “Wow, you can do that?” And, “I wish I‘d called earlier, that was so simple.“

With policies now stored in DocuWare, important information is submitted to the carriers electronically, speeding the submittal process and reducing errors. However the real improvement in customer service is Mountaineer‘s new ability to easily determine which policies are missing important forms or customer signatures, so the staff can follow up and complete crucial paper work. Yes, after the DocuWare solution was installed, Mountaineer quickly saw huge time savings.The once complex & stressful process is now quick and easy. Info: www.docuware.com

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