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Document Security:Time to Seize the Opportunity<br> Business Solutions Profile For: EFI

1 Dec, 2001 By: Lester Anderson imageSource

Document Security:Time to Seize the Opportunity
Business Solutions Profile For: EFI

of the highlights of the Seybold show in San Francisco (the #1 show pick of CAP
Ventures’ Network Document Solutions Service) was Electronics For Imaging’s
announcement of its “EFI Document Security Solution (DSS) Suite.”


announcement is an excellent example of a true solution that has been developed
by a vendor in the document marketplace. This solution addresses document and
information security, a significant problem in the marketplace, and was released
with all the components necessary for success.


security is often viewed as a major concern of the government and the financial
industry. This solution is certainly focused and targeted to meet the needs of
those industries. Today, however, security is not unique to any industry. Just
as security needs extend to many different industries, the document security
solution is expansive enough to solve various customers’ needs.


product has been in co-development for some months, and was introduced at
Seybold. While the events of September 11 will cause many in the industry to
work toward solutions in the security category, foresight and knowledge of the
document market allows EFI to have this solution in hand, at a time when the
market fully understands its necessity and significance.


True Solution

the NDS Service’s definition, this is a true solution. Why? One reason is that
EFI defined the document security issues in broadest terms, not focusing solely
on the easy-to-solve elements. EFI saw that confidentiality was important in
electronic format as well as on paper. It saw that confidentiality goes hand in
hand with an authorized use list, tied in tightly with a revision control for
document modification, an audit trail of permissible viewings, or both. The
company designed its system around the fluid nature of documents as well as the
fluid nature of authorization and permissions.


reason that we consider this, a true solution, is that EFI realized that it
could not and should not, invent everything itself. Where a component of the
solution exists elsewhere in the market, once it is well tested and respected,
it should be incorporated. EFI’s partnership with Authentica concerning its
Recall Policy Server is an excellent example. EFI did not try to reinvent the
wheel and get an “all EFI” solution, as major vendors often attempt. The
company realized that the solution would be stronger if it combined EFI’s
expertise with Authentica’s software. The result was this joint development
project. As the Network Document Solutions Service has said in the past, in a
true solution, the final result is often greater than the sum of the parts.


final reason is that this is a true solution that is not just being released as
a “here it is” product. It is backed up by the significant investment that
EFI has made in its consulting services group. Almost two years ago, consulting
industry leader Chris Parlanti worked with EFI to create a business unit to
support professional services. Now established, this past spring EFI appointed
Chris head this EFI professional services unit. EFI’s expertise and reputation
in the document business, coupled with the support of its professional services
staff, will provide customers the level of support they need to implement the
solution into their environment and achieve their security objectives.



document industry recognizes Electronics For Imaging as a leader in providing
hardware and software imaging solutions for networked printers and copiers.
Authentica is a premier provider of digital rights management software for
securing businesses’ intellectual property. Combining the core competencies of
both companies is a natural way to develop a software solution for secure
information, financial instruments, and intellectual property document


key is control. EFI's experience in controller design, workflow analysis, and
implementation in its Velocity Suite, as well as the production class workflow
and print security it builds into high end/high volume controllers, have given
the company the experience and skills to develop its Advanced Secure Print
Module (ASPM). This is a major core pillar of the DSS Solution. The combination
of EFI’s reputation in the document market, its relationships and reputation
with multiple equipment manufacturers and distributors, and its suite of
products and services makes EFI itself a pillar of the solution.


does not do it alone, but finds strength in partnerships. The other two pillars
are Authentica’s expertise and experience in customizing its established and
recognized software with the ability to control the intellectual property. The
EFI ASPM integration with Authentica's PageRecall gives organizations security
and control over document printing. Lance Urbas, President, and CEO of
Authentica stated that, “The combination of EFI's ASPM and our PageRecall
software offers an unbeatable solution to safeguard against the accidental or
unauthorized printing or distribution of sensitive documents.”


Security Suite is further expanded with other Authentica modules incorporated
into the PageRecall solution. PageRecall is for electronic document protection,
but that is not the only way documents and knowledge are dispersed today. Other
components of PageRecall, such as MailRecall for e-mail and NetRecall for Web
content, offer similar protection for documents distributed in electronic media.


Are the Applications?


presented at the Seybold show included:

  • International
    trade documents and negotiable instruments (where possession of a printed
    copy is the equivalent of cash or title).

  • Sensitive
    and confidential government documents including the dynamic management of
    “need to know” access.

  • Sensitive
    and confidential financial documents.

  • Mergers
    and acquisitions document sets (where serialized printing is required).

  • Pharmaceutical/biotechnology
    companies with valuable intellectual capital, needed tracking of revision
    control, as well as access control.

  • Copyrighted
    materials, such as document reprints and print on demand applications where
    the publisher grants rights to print a limited number of copies.

  • Blueprints,
    schematics prototype specifications, and other business documents shared
    with product development partners.

Are the Customers?

EFI Document Security Solution will benefit anyone who has valuable information
in electronic form, which is just about everyone.


this author’s opinion, the financial services industry and the government will
jump on this new solution. My office is in New Jersey, which is home to many
major pharmaceutical companies (of which I have had document management dealings
with many of those companies) also see this industry as a natural fit for this
type of product.


considering horizontal markets, any major law firm or corporate law department
is a potential customer. They understand the need for documents to be delivered
securely, only to the eyes of the intended. Any technology firm that has
information to share with partners or to protect themselves from employees who
terminate their employment, have a distinct need for a document security



EFI Document Security Solution is well designed, well implemented, and certainly
meets the needs of an enormous market. It is branded with EFI’s name to give
it document credibility, and co-developed with Authentica to give the
intellectual property rights management credibility. With minimal sales force
training, customers will fully and immediately understand the value of this





dealers who wish to add this exceptional solution to the solutions they sell,
they should contact Frank Mallozzi, Vice President of Sales for EFI at:
Electronics for Imaging - 303 Velocity Way, San Mateo, CA 94404, at (650)

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