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DocuWare’s Go-To-Market Strategy

8 Dec, 2009 By: Editorial Staff imageSource

DocuWare’s Go-To-Market Strategy

Doing more with less in this day and age—more and more companies,
regardless of size or industry, are realizing the need for an Integrated
Document Management (IDM) solution to improve their business processes. Their
reasons are clear: by improving their document “information” handling, they are
able to increase cash flow and reduce costs, both positively effecting their
bottom line and improving customer service, making them more competitive &
enabling them to be more productive overall.

Office equipment dealers are also searching for ways to do more with less. One
approach is Managed Print Services (MPS). MPS is playing a much greater role in
how office equipment dealers are approaching their customers. There is a great
deal of synergy between MPS and DocuWare’s document management solutions since
the data collected during the MPS assessment is used for both solutions. This
data is extremely important to the next step (after print optimization) which is
business process improvement, or workflow. DocuWare promotes a
measure-once-sell-twice approach.  At ITEX 2010, DocuWare will be highlighting
this innovative strategy. Be sure to attend.


“The goal of DocuWare is to provide an IDM solution that offers Enterprise
Content Management (ECM) functionality that is still sold and supported through
the channel,” states Greg Schloemer, President of DocuWare Corporation.
“DocuWare 5.1, the latest version of DocuWare based on .Net technology,
accomplishes this goal and positions the product for the future. This
positioning and the dependence on the reseller is unique in the industry and
demonstrative of DocuWare’s belief that the independent reseller is the key to
making document management a mainstream application.”


“Looking towards the near future, I see that the MFP channel is in a very
strong position to sell solutions since their machines are in every company,”
says Schloemer. “They’ve already earned the customer’s trust, positioning them
to be the onramp for corporate intelligence. Couple this with fact that the MFP
channel is embracing Managed Print Services (MPS) and you have the perfect
opportunity to maximize your professional services profit potential with
document management.”

DocuWare is a robust integrated document management solution that sells its
products only through a worldwide network of certified resellers, never direct.
Founded in 1988, DocuWare has more than 7,500 installations and over one hundred
thousand users in 72 countries. The product suite is available in 13 languages,
is DoD certified and FDA compliant, and supports all forms of electronic

What makes DocuWare unique is its go-to-market strategy. DocuWare has
developed a proven business model that includes teaching how to build a
professional services team which allows the reseller to control their customer’s
relationship. This means there is no need to bring in additional support from a
supplier or from a third-party vendor. The reseller adds the value, maximizing
his profits and maintaining 100% of his customer relationship. Also provided is
a structured selling process supported by hundreds of tools with a heavy
emphasis on training. Resellers are assisted by DocuWare regional sales
directors for onsite support of the reseller’s sales staff ensuring their
success by helping them to maximize margins and establish recurring revenue. The
entire program was developed based on best practices taken from top producing
DocuWare resellers with the sole intent of making the independent reseller

DocuWare’s core, out of the box concept is to capture, organize and manage
business documents regardless of the format or source. These documents include,
for example, paper records, letters, faxes, drawings, PC and other electronic
files, including e-mail. Having different document types in one central document
pool makes automating business processes extremely simple. Sharing documents
becomes quick and effortless. Branches, subsidiaries, even remote employees can
have access to current information as if working at HQ. With one search,
authorized users can instantly access all of the documents related to any
business transaction.

Enhanced with workflow functionalities, Web Content Management, and universal
integration functions, DocuWare provides powerful ECM functionality for enabling
expansion throughout an organization. Using the Internet, the central document
pool is available around the clock to authorized users. A wide range of
customizable DocuWare add-on modules equip DocuWare for, among other things,
automatic indexing, COLD applications and enhanced workflow features. Other
software applications are easily integrated with a set of standard tools.
Numerous interfaces exist for ERP systems (including a certified SAP interface)
and Groupware (like Exchange or Lotus Notes/Domino). DocuWare solutions are
known for their easy installation, administration and operation, as well as an
exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

DocuWare AG is based in Germering, Germany. The company’s US subsidiary,
DocuWare Corporation, is located in Newburgh, New York, and is responsible for
all activities in North, Central and South America.  Other subsidiaries include
DocuWare Ltd. (UK), DocuWare España (Spain) and DocuWare SrL (France).At

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