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EDM and the Rise to Superhero

13 Nov, 2008 By: Laurel B Sanders imageSource

EDM and the Rise to Superhero

A company’s collective human resources are among its most valuable assets, yet
overseeing the HR department’s vast documentation is challenging for nearly
every business.  The origin of resources means “to rise again,” but the flood of
required paperwork can give human resources (HR) staff the impression they are
drowning. From job applications and contracts through certifications, personnel
files, policy documents, benefits, reviews, disciplinary actions, termination,
and retirement records, abundant information must be managed.  Stored on paper,
in PDFs, photos, emails, faxes, or spreadsheets—and in HR applications such as
Lawson, PeopleSoft, and SAP—files can be hard to find and act on quickly. 
Regulations governing access and the need for timely response increase the
challenge.  Complaints, stressed managers, and penalties for non-compliance are
too often the unwelcome consequences.

Can you help clients:

  • Ease the burden of managing HR document?
  • Help them store information in one central, searchable location?
  • Enable staff to find information within
  • Seconds, directly from their desktops?
  • Guarantee secure file access?
  • Mechanize task distribution, helping management ensure timely responses?

Your ability to help is limited only by your understanding of your clients’
needs and your imagination.  Hardware, software, services, and training are
available in the marketplace, ready to be pulled into a cohesive solution.  You
might not be promoted for your innovative solutions, but your clients might
secretly dub you Superhero of the Year.  greatly benefit HR.

StepONE Intelligent capture–sure to enrapture

Electronic document capture, while increasingly common in larger enterprises,
hasn’t yet been embraced by everyone. However, as the gap narrows between
managers who have embraced technology and those who know they must join the
bandwagon to remain competitive, more are adopting electronic capture. Scanning
with multi-function printers, standalone and desktop scanners, document imaging
software, and through companies that offer back file conversion services mean
more choices than ever.  Web-based forms, data encrypted in bar codes, digital
fax and image capture, and screen scraping add to the possibilities.

Getting information into an electronic format is just the first step toward
efficiency.  The real value surfaces when they can search, retrieve, manipulate,
and manage data to make better decisions.

StepTWO Web-based EDM–the central storage gem

Digital storage doesn’t improve file retrieval unless documents are
categorized properly. An EDM system complements basic indexing offered by
capture hardware, letting users index documents like an encyclopedia. EDM
systems store documents in native file formats for future access, or direct the
user to data in other storage systems upon demand.  Consider, for example, an
employee who has just been terminated.  Assume a court subpoena demands the
company must produce contracts, written warnings, documentation showing
disciplinary action, and emails to demonstrate fair treatment.  With data stored
in multiple places, collecting diverse documentation would demand precious time
and create considerable frustration.  EDM with robust search would enable staff
to search electronically through multiple systems simultaneously, replacing
tedious manual searches.  A list of relevant documents—in video, forms, email,
and more—would be available within seconds, directly from their desktops.
Complying with these demands is then significantly easier.

StepTHREE Office transformation– process automation 

Digital document archives are springboards to true efficiency.  Process
automation software that is part of your chosen vendor’s EDM software suite, or
a product that integrates well with your imaging and storage system, can
transform your clients’ HR offices.  After your clients have analyzed their
standard processes and streamlined them for consistency, digital workflow
mechanizes the procedures in accordance with your client’s business rules. 
Customizable workflow software lets you mandate the appropriate hierarchy for
decision making; determine who is responsible for which tasks; allot deadlines
for processing; and route work to multiple people simultaneously for review and
action.  It ensures that applications, contracts, terminations, and other
standard procedures follow policies consistently, and standardizes handling of
exception cases.  Remote access allows designated staff to respond wherever they
are, keeping tasks and processes on schedule.

Expediting the job application process

The application process involves numerous documents; cover letters, 
resumes, references, letters of support, supporting documents, photos, and
portfolio samples.  EDM makes documents available immediately, yet securely. 
Workflow can collect applicant materials, sending them to appropriate staff for
review.  It can also evaluate applications against pre-specified criteria,
notifying pre-designated staff of strong candidates.  Applicants are guaranteed
fair and consistent treatment.  Your clients can make offers to the best people
before they are snatched away by other companies.  Managing your critical data
is the ultimate bottomline.

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