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EFI Shares a Client Success Story in the vertical market of Healthcare

30 Jul, 2010 By: Client: Company Nurse, based in Scottsdale, AZ imageSource

EFI Shares a Client Success Story in the vertical market of Healthcare

CLIENT OVERVIEW:  Company Nurse offers an injury hotline staffed with triage nurses who promptly and compassionately respond to workplace injuries. Company Nurse ensures objectivity in assessing injuries and medical needs for their customers nationwide, while providing comprehensive reporting options for Workers’ Compensation claims.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE:  “We create a lot of booklets and it was a trial-and-error process involving printing a draft, making changes, and printing again. We were manually counting pages, not to mention converting everything to PDF,” says Angi Hast, project manager. Company Nurse relied on outside vendors to print their booklets, brochures and other important corporate and internal materials. As the company be­gan to print shorter runs and more personalized pieces, this arrangement became too expensive. A cost analysis revealed they could save more than $1,500 a month by bringing these print jobs in-house — not to mention improving turnaround times and control of documents.

EFI’s CLIENT SOLUTION: So, Company Nurse purchased a Fiery®-powered multifunction digital color printer. This enabled them to turn out more and more documents, but it was often difficult and time-consuming to produce slick, finished-looking materials. They needed an easier and faster way to produce professional looking booklets, brochures, newsletters, case studies, enrollment guides and internal training documents. Enter Fiery VUE. After attending an event hosted by the Arizona Office Technology association, and seeing a demo of Fiery VUE, Ms. Hast asked to be part of EFI’s beta test program. Soon after she was using the software, and then installed the release version as soon as it was available to users everywhere.

Fiery VUE is an innovative visual print application that makes production of professional-looking finished documents fast and simple for all office workers. The application is ideal for any functional group across an enterprise including sales, marketing, finance, legal, HR and training. With minimal keystrokes or training,

Fiery VUE allows office workers to be more productive, reducing the time and complexity of creating and assembling finished documents. Business owners gain in-house docu­ment control and lower costs, while being assured security, consistent quality and color accuracy across all departments. “The days of every document being printed as ‘top left staple’ are gone,” Hast proclaims happily. “Fiery VUE not only saves us a ton of time, but makes us look more professional. Our sales team is in awe of the results. Fiery VUE came along at just the right time. For us; it means no more trial-and-error, no more wasted printed pages, and no more headaches.

Fiery VUE takes all the complexity out of producing professional docu­ments. Before printing, Hast or her colleagues can interact with the document on-screen in 3D to sculpt and then preview exactly how the finished document will look. This creates better looking documents, reduces waste and lowers overall cost. Hast comments that Fiery VUE is so intuitive and easy to use that no training has been needed. So far she has set-up templates for case studies and booklets, which are also huge time savers.

“The templates further simplify the process, and automatically adjust when new photos or graphs are added,” Hast says.  Fiery VUE also supports collaborative environments. “Company Nurse has many materials in production that are created by multiple persons,” says Hast. “Fiery VUE facilitates and streamlines the collaboration process and reduces time and effort in creating collaborative documents, in turn decreasing the time needed to create finished materials.

Overall, Fiery VUE has taken our business to a new level, enabling us to produce slick, professional-looking documents in-house and allowing us to take on more projects. Fiery VUE helps set Company Nurse apart from the rest,” concludes Hast.

RESULTS: “Basically, Fiery VUE saves us two to three hours a day in document prep, with amazing finished results. We can quickly and easily import documents from various files, format our booklets, use the preview feature to confirm everything, and print once. This all adds up to huge savings in time and paper.” — Angi Hast, project manager

About EFI:
EFI (www.efi.com) is a world leader in digital print servers and controllers, superwide format printers and inks, wide-format printers, industrial inkjet printing systems and Web-to-Print, Print MIS and Proofing solutions. EFI is dedicated to giving customers a competitive edge with award-winning, scalable solutions from creation to print that maximize productivity and increase profits.

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